#ncpol: NBC’s July poll says Burr up, McCrory down

It’s a mixed bag for the top two Republicans in North Carolina, according to NBC and The Wall Street Journal: burr

[…] In North Carolina, incumbent Republican Sen. Richard Burr is up over Democratic challenger Deborah Ross, 48 percent to 41 percent.

And in the Tar Heel State’s gubernatorial race, incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory trails Democrat Roy Cooper, 49 percent to 45 percent.[…]

The pollsters quizzed 907 registered voters in North Carolina between July 5 and 11.  Margin of error was +/- 3.3 percent.

The poll pat-mccrory11had Hillary up 44-38 over Trump.  All of this, of course, was prior to the GOP and Democrat conventions that have set off a lot of fireworks and captivated the voters in recent days.

The Real Clear Politics average (6/20-7/11) has McCrory leading Cooper 44% to 43.7%.

After months of saying they had no interest in hanging with Donald Trump, both Burr and Cooper have done a 180-degree turn.  They both showed up with Trump at his Winston-Salem rally on Monday.

6 thoughts on “#ncpol: NBC’s July poll says Burr up, McCrory down

  1. Roy Cooper will be another Easley. He stabbed the people of NC in the back whenever he got the chance. He is a shill for the HRC

  2. I wonder if Ol’ Roy gets to the office of Gov….will he actually do the job or just decline to do so? So far it looks as if his term as AG he has spent more time doing other things, mainly campaigning, rather than upholding the laws of NC.

  3. I wonder if Roy Cooper gets elected if he will appoint as many Republicans as Pat did Democrats?

  4. Sigh. Just proves that we are surrounded by clucks. How anyone could vote for Obama enabler, thanks for anti-police/anti-white/anti-rule of law Loretta Lynch Tricky Dick Burr is beyond words. Snap out of it idiots.

  5. It’s not McCrory’s honesty that is a problem for him it’s his lack of intelligence and his bad good old boy image. I don’t like Cooper, but at least he’s not McCrory.

  6. You know Social Conservatives have gone to the well a ton of times and McCrory stood with them. HB2 is a big problem amongst independents. He put himself out there a lot. Yes I agree on the comment about his appointing Democrats way to much, but on those issues Civitas yells about hes much better.. deserves respect…

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