#ncga: OK, repeat after me. Bonds ARE NOT taxes. There is NO ‘H’ in “Tim.”

I’ve got mail:


Subject: Joint Republican Caucus
Importance: High

To:   Joint Republican Caucus Members

There will be a Joint Republican Caucus meeting Wednesday, May 27th at  8:30 AM in the General Assembly Auditorium, 3rd Floor Legislative Building.

Governor Pat McCrory will speak to us regarding his Bond Proposal.  The meeting will probably last an hour.  Please be on time.  We will start promptly at 8:30 and want to have time for questions.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Representative Pat Hurley

Joint Republican Caucus Leader


Thank goodness I got this.  (I thought Gov. Pat and I were penciled in for drinks at Sullivan’s.)

Seriously, it sounds like the agenda involves selling the idea that bond issuesconfused and tax increases are independent concepts.  When bond issues are approved, the state and its residents are on the hook for a certain dollar amount.  We’re borrowing money because we don’t HAVE that certain dollar amount standing by.  Revenue to pay off the loan must be raised.  How is that done?  More money has to be extracted from the suckers taxpayers. You do that by increasing the cost  of living and breathing in North Carolina.  THAT can include tax increases.

Well, it appears the hard sell for Gov. Pat’s bond issue has gone into full swing inside the caucus:









3 thoughts on “#ncga: OK, repeat after me. Bonds ARE NOT taxes. There is NO ‘H’ in “Tim.”

  1. When we have many millions of dollars to throw away on corporate welfare, including to the Obamaites of the green energy mafia, why it is we have to borrow money for highways and bridges? It seems like those are things that should be paid for a long time before considering corporate welfare giveaways to parasitic industries.

  2. One reason is that previous NCGA’s have consistently robbed the highway funding to pay for projects nowhere near highway related. This has gone on so long that road work cannot get done in the state. Just one more remnant of the devastating past of the progressive rule we had been subject to.

    1. Doug, you are so-o-o-o correct to illuminate the previous progressive paws in the big money pot known as the “Highway Trust Fund.” Just remember, anything with Trust Fund in the title, WATCH OUT! It will be fleeced! Now we have to wean our progressive republicans of the money pot.

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