#ncpol: GOP legislator says Brawley right on Raleigh’s toll plans

brawI heard from one of our numerous friends on Jones Street regarding THIS POST.   Robert Brawley, the former GOP House member challenging Pat McCrory in the March primary, has said on-the-record that the administration is planning to toll every major thoroughfare in the state.  Their agenda, he says, does not end with I-77 in Mecklenburg County.

My Jones Street source — who rightfully has the honorific “the honorable” in front of their name — says they can recall being lobbied hard by then-speaker Thom Tillis and the governor’s staff to get behind the toll road scheme.

“Tillis and the governor were really aggressive about it,” said my source. “You could tell they, in particular, wanted this really bad. They were really passionate about it. It almost made you wonder what was in it for them.”baby

My source said they heard comments at the time similar to those reported by Brawley about tolling being expanded statewide.  Pro-toll sources were gung-ho on expanding the system currently in place for Raleigh area toll roads — sending you a bill after you travel on the road. Why this route, instead of the old throw your money in the basket at the booth method? 

“This way, they said, was much more cost-effective. Much cheaper,” my source said. “The big problem many people at the time had with the legislation was that the toll plan appears to unfairly gouge the local people who live near and around the toll roads themselves.  Out-of-state drivers can get out of paying.  There was no mechanism in place to collect from out-of-state drivers who use the toll roads and choose not to pay.  In North payupCarolina, the DMV has numerous ways to crack down on residents who don’t pay the tolls. But the agency has no authority over DMVs in other states and drivers licensed in those states.”

7 thoughts on “#ncpol: GOP legislator says Brawley right on Raleigh’s toll plans

  1. And don’t forget how they’re gonna b?r?i?b?e? um, persuade local MPOs to go along with tolls in their regions.


    $200 million is going to the Mecklenberg/Cabarrus County MPOs for road projects of their choosing, by way of thanks for approving the toll project.

    Oh, but the law is written in such a way that any future projects only get $100 million in b?r?i?b?e?,? ?b?o?n?u?s?,? ?i?n?c?e?n?t?i?v?e? “persuasion”. Wah!

  2. Thank God for the new NC Legislative Republican Majority. I wasn’t getting taxed and fee’d enough under the Democrats. SMDH

    1. ain’t that the truth the lowering taxes and raising fees is just a shell game that republicans should not play

      the republicans doing this are not conservatives and this is the difference and why conservative republicans have to stand against these people ruining our party

    2. The Special Interest Republicans in the legislature are following the Marc Basnight playbook, so perhaps they should be called Marc Basnight Republicans.

      We need to replace them with Grassroots Republicans in the primaries.

      The Solyndra Republicans, who are rent boys for Big Solar, reek the most of all.

  3. CBS station in Chicago is doing a big story about the many failures of Cintra toll projects this Thursday.


    Guess who is the target audience?

    “The company’s track record running toll roads elsewhere should give leaders in North Carolina reason to pause, some politicians and experts say.

    “Some leaders in the Indiana legislature, including toll opponent State Representative Patrick Bauer, said Cintra’s performance running the Indiana Toll Road should be a cautionary tale for lawmakers in the Tar Heel State.

    “I just think the whole thing ends up being a bad deal because it costs the citizens of your state more,” Bauer said.”

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