#ncga: Brock for Congress? (*Um, SURPRISE !!!*)

The worst-kept secret in North Carolina politics is NO MOREAndrew_brock

[…] A North Carolina Republican state senator says he’ll run to represent the reshaped 13th Congressional District in which he now lives.

Seven-term Sen. Andrew Brock of Davie County announced his candidacy on Monday. The legislature approved a new map last week with a Republican-leaning 13th that covers all of his home county and Davidson County, as well as portions of Iredell, Rowan and Guilford counties.

Democratic 12th District Rep. Alma Adams lives in the new 13th, but Adams says she’ll run in the reconfigured 12th, which is now in Mecklenburg County.

Brock joined the Senate in 2003 at age 28. Brock says in Congress he would work to defend Christian values, balance the budget, fight terrorists and close down “our porous borders.”[…] 

AND he will continue in his role as state chairman for Marco Rubio — who supports NONE OF THAT

Here’s more on Brock from Ballotpedia: 

[…] Brock earned his B.S. in economics and political science from Western Carolina University in 1998. He currently works for RCS Communications Group as a Consultant. Brock has been active in state politics as a campaign aide for Lauch Faircloth and a campaign manager for Bill Cobey and Walter Jones. […]

Hmmm.  Sounds a lot like Richard Hudson, Patrick McHenry, AND David Rouzer.  This is getting to be a lot like ‘The Stepford Wives — um, Candidates.”   A group of young guys who go from college right into ‘runnin’ thangs’ without the benefit of a real job or any real world experience. 

If I lived in any of those counties in the new 13th district, I’d be livid that Raleigh is pushing a new congressman of their choice ON ME. Want to teach Raleigh a lesson?  Defeat THIS guy in his Senate race AND in the congressional race. 

1 thought on “#ncga: Brock for Congress? (*Um, SURPRISE !!!*)

  1. That ”state chairman for Marco Rubio” thing is enough to make me puke. It is a deal killer all by itself without even getting to any other issue. We have to do better than this guy. He sounds a lot like Rubio when all his immigration talk is on fixing the border, trying to make us forget about amnesty for the illegals already here. Yes, we badly need to fix the border, but as British Home Secretary (the official in charge of immigration) Teresa May has repeatedly pointed out, the only way to make them stop coming is to start sending them home when they do.

    Rubio was on O’Reilly’s show on Fox recently and when asked about immigration, he said that after government fixed the border, he thought the American people would ”be reasonable” about what to do with the millions of illegals already here. Pressed further, he said he would not deport them. (Cruz and Trump later responded that they would enforce the law and send the illegals back to their own countries).

    I have had some conversations with Brock many years ago, and he seemed conservative then, but I guess he has been in the political rat race too long and has turned on us. Surely, we can find someone better.

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