Thom + Marco: A Love Story

The crash and subsequent burning of Jeb! has resulted in a GOPe stampede over to the campaign of Florida senator Marco Rubio.  The guy has been racking up all kinds of 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishes.  But THAT has not stopped all of the electeds in primary states to pledge allegiance to the junior senator from Florida.  (His neck-and-neck with Ted Cruz right behind DJT in South Carolina was, in large part, due to all the elected GOPe — from Nikki Haley on down — taking the Marco pledge.  Mark Sanford was an exception.  I think Lindsey Grahamnesty was too.  He backed Bush and then Kasich.) 

Now comes word that  Susan Tillis’s husband has fallen under the seductive spell of Señor Marco:

[…] U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis endorsed Senate colleague Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential campaign Monday, giving him another notable mainstream supporter after the GOP field was winnowed further after the South Carolina primary.1212167_1280x720

The backing by Tillis also comes three weeks before North Carolina holds its own primary on the same day as four other states, including Rubio’s home state, Florida. North Carolina GOP activists, however, chose to distribute its delegates proportionally based on the primary vote, rather than a winner-take-all competition. But North Carolina, the 9th largest state by population and whose voters narrowly chose Mitt Romney in the 2012 general election and Barack Obama in 2008, remains a key state.

In a statement from Rubio’s campaign, Tillis mentioned each of their “humble beginnings.” During his 2014 campaign, Tillis talked about growing up in a poor family, and working in a warehouse and living in a trailer park at age 20. He ultimately graduated from college in his mid-30s and became a business consultant before entering politics. He and Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, are both first-term senators and former state House speakers.

“Marco lived the American Dream, and he will ensure that each and every one of us can do the same,” Tillis said in the statement, adding Rubio “has the unique capability of drawing new people into the party, which is critically important in a swing state like North Carolina.” […] 

2016_02_18_022429_22This makes sense.  Thom Thillis is quite used to doing what Mitch McConnell and the RNC tell him to do.  He probably polled this.  There’s a good chance cash changed hands (always a sure-fire way to win Thom’s blessing). All his buddies — Jason Saine, Andrew Brock & co. — are already with Rubio.  

They both have strong ties to Florida.   Rubio and Thillis are also seatmates on the amnesty bandwagon.  Thom pledged his fealty to the Farm Bureau during the campaign, while Rubio kissed Chuck Schumer’s ring on that whole Gang of Eight thing.

Forget Kate and William. Brad and Angelina.  THIS! This right here is a true match made in HEAVEN.   (Vice — President — Thillis !!!!  MMM — MMM – MMM)

15 thoughts on “Thom + Marco: A Love Story

  1. They created a new 13th congressional district just for Brock and even changed the rules so he can run for two offices at once. Why do I care who Tillis supports? He can’t pick our presidential nominee and he sure as hell isn’t going to pick my congressman for me.

    1. Don’t forget they made a last minute adjustment to the map to put Mark Walker back into the 6th district. Just in case anyone still thought he was not now part of the Establishment, I guess.

  2. Tom Tillis endorsing Rubio is a perfect reason for NC to VOTE for CRUZ

    Tom Tillis the F rated republican at conservative review
    Endorses a C rated republican at conservative review

    meanwhile we have a “A” rated conservative in TED CRUZ thankfully to vote for

    and do not start telling me TRUMP he believes that planned parenthood does great things and his foundation gave money to the Clinton Foundation. Trump has had his money and plenty of time to use his money to forward conservatism and NOPE what has he done to help the conservative movement

    for clarity Richard Burr running for reelection is also a “F” rated republican at conservative review so if you are mad at republicans and that is why you are voting Trump then go to the “A” rated Cruz and help to get rid of Burr in the Primary

  3. Well, here we have the charge of the Mitch McConnell brownnoser brigade. These are the people, along with similar miscreants in the House who have caused over 70% of Republican voters to tell pollsters they are dissatisfied with the Republican leadership of Capitol Hill that refuses to fight Obama’s radical policies, and the over 60% who tell pollsters they were ”betrayed” by that GOP leadership.

    Nominating ”Gang of 8” Rubio is a death wish. It will make even more than the 4 million GOP voters who stayed home for Romney (after coming out for McCain) look small as even more disgusted Republican voters vote with their feet. To win, the GOP is going to have to nominate someone who is NOT an establishment brownnoser. Cruz is the best bet, but in a pinch I could go for Trump or Carson. Rubio and Kasich are non-starters.

    I once had some respect for Andrew Brock, but anyone who is for an amnesty hound like Rubio is way off the reservation. Rubio backers are the most dispicable wing of the establishment. They are supporting someone who will sell us out to Mexico.

    1. John Steed, I agree with you in all regards!
      I had an opportunity, with forty others, to meet with Donald Trump last week and he came off very well in our 30 minute meeting. He will do the country and we the people well. ( I am a Ted Cruz supporter.)
      We must stay involved and speak out to the Washingtonians Including Donald Trump!

  4. If Thom is for Marco, then we can be sure he is the establishment choice. He may have even been the preferred choice all along. I will not support him.

  5. The Cruz campaign has been rocked recently and it appears that it is now down to Trump and Rubio. It does not look like Cruz will be able to recover from all the negative publicity.

    The North Carolina Republicans need a unified front so that the Republican nominee will carry North Carolina. And it is important that Senator Burr is returned to the United States Senate to continue his fight for all North Carolinians.

    1. Burr quit fighting for North Carolinians early in his second term. He even quit listening to North Carolinians at all. Now, he only fights for K Street and the special interests. He is utterly useless to North Carolinians and conservatives. He is a full blown Obama Republican, and he very badly needs to be taken out. He is Kay Hagan in drag.

    2. Jr cooper enlighten me please. Return Burr to the Senate to continue his fight for all North Carolinians after his voting record on Same Sex Marriage benefits, the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, the Import/export Bank Amendment, funding planned parenthood. Seriously? Burr could not care less about his constituents, with the exception of his big donors – hopefully Dr. Brannon’s message will resonate with the voters on March 15.

      1. I have not heard much from Brannon during this campaign. What exactly is his message other than claiming that he “knows” the Constitution. How exactly would he help North Carolina as a United States Senator?

        NC has been rolling right along with Senator Burr in office.

  6. Our hard core environmental movement could get behind Marco Rubio because he agrees with us and with President Obama on some of President Obama’s key green energy policies. Our boy Marco has voted to extend taxpayer subsidies to wind and solar production, even though it raises the electric bills for his constituents. That is good support for the Polar Bears. Marco is also for the ethanol mandate. Who cares if it raises both gas and food prices and damages your engines? Only that stinker Ted Cruz opposed us on that ethanol mandate, and sadly he won Iowa, even the corn counties.

    Thom Tillis has been with President Obama’s green energy policies for a long time. It is not surprising that he would get in behind Marco.

  7. I see where retired Viagra pitchman and ED sufferer Bob Dole has also come out of the closet for Marco ”Amnesty” Rubio. If Dole ever did anything in politics before his Viagra gig, it is so insignificant to even remember.

    Tillis is just another La Raza Republican trying to ass kiss the Chamber of Corrupt Crony Capitalism. We need to heave this floatsam overboard before it sinks the party. Too bad, we have to wait four years to do that, but there is another worthless piece of trash which can go over the side this year – Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr.

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