NC-09: Horrible News


That’s “who” sent this email out this afternoon:

“Horrible News”  is an alias tied to the email account used by NCGOP communications director Jeff (*$#@*!) Hauser.  Just like the crazy email sent out not too long ago under Dallas’s smiling face and letterhead, this one raises questions like:

I assume they’re talking about The Ninth Congressional District.  HOW DO THEY KNOW the race is “close” when the GOP has not even identified its pool of candidates for the primary or even the party standard-bearer? 

Also, why are they raising money now when there are multiple primary candidates?  And how much help do they really think $3 contributions will be against Ginger McCready’s gazillions imported into the state from DC and NY?

Here’s what I think is really going on here.  The NCGOP is — in the words of Kanye West — BROKE, BROKE.   I am hearing reports of party financial records featuring  some really sketchy math that would likely raise the eyebrows of the biggest Common Core fans.  I am hearing reports from party insiders about how things like paying for Robin Hayes’s airplane and putting all of these do-nothing cronies on the payroll have made it near impossible for assets to keep pace with (or cover) liabilities.  The party treasurer with the record of being repeatedly fined and reprimanded for screwing up financial reporting certainly adds credence to these reports.

What have all those “fundraising consultants” on the party’s campaign finance report been doing ???

All of this from the crew that has spoon-fed us for years about their alleged fundraising prowess.  This kind of email (with higher contribution categories, of course) would have been GREAT during the first time this race was run. You know, the one  Mark Harris won, and a coalition of The Clinton crime family and Roy’s Boys STOLE?

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  1. This is the kind of Email Spam that makes me want to leave behind that R beside my name in favor of something else more ethical like maybe Independent.

  2. We polled the race December 19-23 (303 Likely Voters, live callers) on behalf of several SuperPAC clients who authorized releasing this data. Our calls had McCready up 45-42 over Harris and up 43-38 over Pittenger.

    BUT Republicans held a massive 45-36 generic ballot lead and only 14 percent of voters self-identify as liberal while 46 percent described themselves as conservative, including 24 percent who said they were “very” conservative.

    Trump was 42-42 favorable/unfavorable, 12 percent were mixed and these voters are heavily Republican.

    Cooper was 36-29, 5 percent mixed (leaning Republican) and 97 percent ID.

    McCready was 32-17, 8 mixed (leans Republican) and 90 percent ID.

    Harris was 24-31, 10 mixed (all Republican) and 89 percent ID.

    Pittenger was 18-18, 5 mixed (lean Republican) with 75 percent ID.

    51 percent want their member of Congress to support the Trump Agenda. 39 percent want their member to “resist” the Trump Agenda.

    This race is ours to lose. Harris, even with high negatives was competitive with McCready, who has not been hit yet. And the strong generic ballot and support for the Trump Agenda. Any candidate that unites the GOP base will blow McCready’s head off.

    The contest is a fantastic opportunity to regain momentum going into 2020, and a big win will be completely demoralizing to our enemies. As long as the NCGOP stays far away from this race, our nominee should win easily.

    48 percent of interviews were done on cellphones and 52 percent on landlines. The survey was completed between December 19th and 23rd 2018.

  3. If NCGOP is fundraising off of this special election just to put money in its general account, that is dishonest. My guess is that is exactly what they are doing.

    The horrible news is that we have to have this special election in the 9th district at all, and that is largely due to the total incompetence of the NCGOP in dealing with the Board of Elections issues there. The NCGOP should have been loudly raising the alarm over the Democrat ballot harvesting in the 9th instead of being as silent as church mice on the issue. Did the fools assume that the Democrat staff of the SBOE was going to give Republicans a fair shake? We desperately need new leadership in our failing and flailing NCGOP.

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