NC-06: Mark Walker. Challenged from the right. By a FORMER DEMOCRAT.

I’ve talked to a lot of people from this congressional district who believe they got snookered — sold a bill of goods — by a certain preacher from Greensboro.  Mark Walker talked a good game to get into office — like Renee Ellmers — and ran into the embrace of the DC establishment — again, like Renee Ellmers — after being sworn in.   Walker has a primary opponent this year — a Coast Guard veteran and former lawman named Chris Hardin.

This is Hardin’s first run for office, but he is coming after Walker like an experienced pro.  He’s come after WalkerHardin on all kinds of fronts — including promising to vote against John Boehner for speaker, but then voting FOR HIM.  Check out this exchange from a recent debate between the two: 

On Walker’s vote for former Ohio Rep. John Boehner as speaker of the House: Several times Tuesday night Hardin criticized Boehner for failing to stand up to President Barack Obama and other Democrats — and criticized Walker for voting to re-elect Boehner as House speaker last January. Walker said Boehner was the only serious candidate up for consideration.

“Leadership isn’t just about how far to the right you are,” Walker said. “Leadership is about being able to lead people.”

Holy Cow.  He and Renee are reading from the same crib notes.  MORE: 

Hardin’s Democratic affiliation: Walker noted that Hardin had voted in seven Democratic primaries up until 2010. Hardin called himself “a Southern blue-dog Democrat” — a conservative Democrat like those who voted for Republicans Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan.

“You can question many things,” Hardin said, “but my conservatism would not be one of them.”

Um, *BOOM.*   MORE: 

The night’s testiest exchange centered on Walker’s affiliation with the Freedom Caucus, a group of about 40 very conservative Republican members of the House who ousted Boehner as House speaker in September. Hardin suggested that the group is mostly for show and hasn’t had much influence behind the scenes where it really counts.

Walker said he’s close to several members of the caucus and has their support. But Walker said he has declined to join the group so he could vote his conscience, not how someone else told him to.

“The answer there is no, folks, in case you missed that. He’s not a member of that caucus,” Hardin said. “He thinks it’s very important, and it’s a leading light, so to speak, but he didn’t bother to join. …”

Walker: “Why would you want me to join if you just told the crowd they weren’t that good?” A few people in the audience chuckled.569f06bfdbb64.image

Hardin: “… You’re the one who talked about what a good job they did and how great they were. If you were concerned about the voters in this congressional district … I think you would have listened to all of us and not voted for John Boehner.”

Walker: “So you agree with me that I shouldn’t be in the Freedom Caucus? Is that right? Is that correct?”

Hardin: “I agree you’re difficult to deal with sometimes, like right now …”


I hereby declare this primary one to keep an eye on.


7 thoughts on “NC-06: Mark Walker. Challenged from the right. By a FORMER DEMOCRAT.

  1. Those who are paying attention have reason not to like Walker and they don’t. Those who aren’t paying attention won’t hear of anyone criticising Walker and they think he walks on water. Basically, if those 60% who feel betrayed by our GOP-controlled congress turn out, and oh yeah, remember that he’s the incumbent, he’ll lose. But the age-old “hate the congress, love your congressman” thing may still be in effect. We’ll see.

  2. Great write up. Thanks for putting it out. There is only one small error in this write-up. I am still a law enforcement officer serving as a Reserve Police Officer at the Graham PD. I transitioned from full-time to part-time when I emtered the private business sector a decade ago. Between my Federal law enforcement days and my local police time I have over 22 years of law enforcement experience. Thank you again for the coverage and the fair assessment.

  3. Mr. Hardin was at the Person County GOP meeting last night, and he sure looked and sounded like a Real Deal Constitutional Conservative to me. I was willing to give Walker a chance to “grow into the job”, but I’m not willing to give him more than a year to do that growing. Looks like it’s time for a change. Delighted Mr. Hardin has come along!

  4. Chris Hardin and I have had numerous long conversations and I find him to be the same strong, limited government, constitutional conservative I favor myself to be. Additionally, he has grown to be a viable candidate for this race. His confidence and his engagement with his 6th District constituents far outweigh the fact this is his first run for office. We the people have been betrayed long enough by those who go to Washington seeking to change the way business is done, but then change into seeking only reelection. With Chris in this race, there is no reason to “hold our noses” and vote for the incumbent; in this case the incumbent has had his chance, blew it, and needs to be recalled back home.

    Join me in voting for Chris Hardin this March 15th

  5. I supported Mark Walker in the first primary and have had several discussions with him about why he voted as he did on several issues. I was well satisfied with his reasoning. I too am a retired Law Enforcement officer, but do not believe that qualifies me to be a congressman. Mark Walker has served this district well. He is much admired by some of the most conservative Representatives in Congress and has my support for re-election.

  6. I proudly supported & campaigned for Mark Walker in his first campaign & will do so in this one. I am reasonable enough to know I will not support every vote he makes. My vote for him was because I had confidence in him researching, knowing more about what was going on in Congress & making the best decision for our district. I decided to give him more than one vote before I began to “down” him. By the way, is Boehner gone? This shows he helped get the job done, maybe just not on his critics time table. Mark Walker 2016

  7. Only TWO NC Congressmen joined the call to remove Boehner – Mark Meadows and Walter Jones. The rest were complicit in backing Boehner by refusing to join the group seeking to remove Boehner.

    Mark Walker made a MAJOR promise to vote against Boehner. He refused to do that. If you look at Walker’s campaign reports, it is clear why. Boehner sent him a lot of money. Walker was bought and paid for. He refused to vote against Boehner for Speaker, violating his promise to voters, and he refused to join the group that ultimately forced Boehner out.

    Mark Walker outed himself as a rent boy for the establishment. He needs to be replaced in the primary by someone voters can depend on.

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