NC-03: White, 60+, female, REP voters topping voter turnout thus far


Civitas has a great tool for tracking the early voting in the Third Congressional District’s special election.  Here’s a summary of what we’re seeing through today:

  • 5730 total votes cast thus far
  • only 730 of those votes were cast by blacks
  • Republican turnout is significantly higher than Democrat (Unaffiliated close behind Democrat)
  • Highest concentration of early voters are 60 and older.
  • Females have a slight edge over males.
  • Ten of the Top 25 precincts, in terms of voter turnout, are in Pitt County
  • Two precincts in  Pitt,  two in Lenoir, and one in Carteret make up the Top 5
  • State Senate Districts  1 (Steinburg), 2 (Sanderson)  and 5 (Don Davis)  lead the turnout
  • NC House Districts 3 (Speciale), 6, (Hanig)  and 9 (Murphy) lead voter turnout thus far