NC-02: Former Moore County GOP chairman endorses Frank Roche

download (66)The GOP primary challenger to incumbent Renee Ellmers picked up a big in-district endorsement today.  Former Moore County GOP chairman Bob Levy — the immediate predecessor to current chairman John Rowderdink — has publicly endorsed the candidacy of Republican Frank Roche for North Carolina’s Second congressional district seat:

“Based upon the position of Congress Member Ellmers endorsing amnesty for illegal immigrants, I am proud to endorse the candidacy of Frank Roche for Congress.  The position of Frank Roche opposing amnesty and favoring secure borders will save the jobs and raise the salaries of middle class American citizen workers.”

download (57)Ellmers has been getting ravaged politically over the issue of illegal immigration.  She had a testy, confrontational interview with nationally-syndicated radio show host Laura Ingraham, and was caught on video chewing out a constituent group that tried to meet with her to urge opposition to amnesty. 

Levy, a Southern Pines native who practices law and owns small businesses,  was first elected Moore County party chairman in the wake of Richard Morgan’s defeat in the 2006 GOP primary for NC House.  The Moore County GOP had been torn apart during the Morgan era by fighting between Morgan supporters and opponents.  Levy has been credited with being a peacemaker and a bridge figure — calming the situation downgrowing the party ranks, and bringing people back into the fold who left during the Morgan era in-fighting. 

9 thoughts on “NC-02: Former Moore County GOP chairman endorses Frank Roche

  1. This is awesome news for the Roche Campaign. Rep. Ellmers best check her rear view mirror to see who is gaining speed on the road to Washington. Go Frank!!

  2. An endorsement from an honest and competent politician, Bob Levy!

    We believe and expect Frank Roche will be the same – and honest and competent politician!

  3. “The position of Frank Roche opposing amnesty and favoring secure borders will save the jobs and raise the salaries of middle class American citizen workers.”

    Not just for the middle class, but even more for our young people, unemployed and working poor who really need the jobs. Ellmers has staked out her position as an open borders enthusiast. She absolutely does not care that Americans are and will continue to be hurt by amnesty and massive increases in immigration at all skill levels. Funny how the Zuckerberg ads claimed she was such a border hawk when she has not co-sponsored a single border security or enforcement bill.

    1. Zuckerburg is a lying liberal, who takes after the candidate he supported heavily for president, the liar of the year Barack Obama. The name of his liberal run organization, ”Americans for a Conservative Direction” is even a massive lie. It is not surprising that a lying liberal like Zuckerburg would be supporting a lying liberal like Renee Ellmers.

  4. As past President of Republican Women of Lee County, we held events in her favor. But I am totally disappointed with Congresswoman Ellmers. She has consistently railed against the Tea Party and chastised constituents. VOTERS!

    Roche is getting my vote.

    1. If memory serves, wasn’t Lee County the only one or one of two counties where she did not prevail in the 2012 Primary?

  5. Renee Ellmers is extremely uneducated! She can’t call anyone “uneducated.”
    She should win, but may well lose in November to Clay Aiken. Gary Pearce of Clay Aiken’s campaign is probably the best political consultant in the state! All Renee Ellmers has is arrogance, bad taste, and “foot in mouth disease”!

    1. She’s a sure vote for amnesty. She’s voted repeatedly for increasing the debt ceiling, bigger budgets, and has put forth no effort toward pushing leadership to defund ObamaCare. I want her gone. Better that we start over with someone who is not a proven fraud.

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