NC-02: Ellmers sweating the immigration issue

download (19)I got ANOTHER campaign mailer from Renee Ellmers this weekend disguised as “official business.”  I know I have worked this issue over here and here.  But it is just so brazen and arrogant for someone – -claiming to be a Tea Party conservative — to campaign for reelection on the taxpayer dime.

In the mailer, ol’ Renee claims she’s not for that nasty ol’ amnesty thing.  But her record brings the credibility of this flier into question.

It’s quite interesting that these mailers started coming as her potential opponents started announcing and the filing date approached.  This latest mailer focuses exclusively on immigration and the AMNESTY issue.  Even the lazy mainstream media can tell she’s feeling some heat on this.

Renee has built quite a reputation for doing just what John Boehner tells her to do.  She marched lockstep with Boehner initially, on selling amnesty.  Even writing an op-ed for The Fayetteville Observer.  She caught some heat for that piece.  Speaker Boehner — who our girl affectionately refers to as her “boss” — may be alleviating some of that heat by suggesting a vote on “immigration reform” won’t happen this year.  *Yeah.  Do it after the rubes have put us back in for two more years.*

Wake County’s Frank Rocheat one pointhad looked like quite the sacrificial lamb in the upcoming GOP primary for the Second District.  His fundraising and name ID are lagging far behind that of Ellmers.  But Roche has made amnesty a centerpiece of his campaign strategy, and has hit the incumbent hard for marching lockstep with Eric Cantor and John Boehner on the issue.  This plan of attack is opening a lot of doors in the district for Roche that had been previously closed and locked.

13 thoughts on “NC-02: Ellmers sweating the immigration issue

  1. there is no question that immigration must be the central piece of the upcoming elections, and Frank Roche’s firm and conservative stance deserves the attention its getting. Time to hold our elected leaders accountable!

  2. I have received more emails & flyers from Representative Ellmers in the last two weeks than I have since she took office. Why? Perhaps she is worried that she has a serious contender who truly is a conservative and not another mouth piece for the DC establishment. Renee has let us down, Frank will work for his constituents, he is a man of principle and will keep his word.

  3. Frank has answer on immigration and it is time people stand up and recognize that. Even Fox News host Sean Hannity has quoted Franks Book on Amnesty. We need someone in Washington that will fight for what we send them there for. Frank is the best and only true conservative candidate in the race.

  4. Immigration is key to this primary. Frank Roche knows what he’s doing and will actually UPHOLD the Republican values he gets voted in for.

  5. Rep. Ellmers ran opposing OBAMA Care and then fell into the inner circle of Rep. Boehner. The Speaker has been in Washington too long. His actions to go along to get along is not leadership. Sorry, just my opinion. This year’s Primary race will be interesting.

    1. I’d seriously like to hear some of these people publicly take the position that they would never support Boehner for Speaker ever again. I once heard Don Webb (6th DIstrict race) say that, but no one else, certainly none of our incumbents have taken that position.

  6. Renee Ellmers has had 4 years to make a difference, and has nothing to show for it.
    We cannot afford another 2 years of inaction, or action in the wrong direction. Frank Roche is the only viable candidate to go to DC and make the voices of the NC 2nd District heard: no to amnesty and no to Obamacare.

  7. Immigration is but one issue – albeit a major one – and it is quite unfortunate that Renee Elmers “appears” to have been totally co-opted by the traditional GOP establishment in Washington. As I’ve said so many times before, I was glad when she got elected, but it didn’t take long for the co-opting process to have taken effect. Some of her decisions on a variety of subjects has left me in the cold. I hope this Frank Roche gentleman can gain the traction to defeat her. From what I’ve seen so far, Mr. Roche appears as though he is a skillful economist and a solid conservative.

  8. Ellmers is a nice lady, but we don’t need ‘nice’ on our side anymore – Obama certainly isn’t, and to compete with the democrats in ’14 we NEED someone with a spine to stand for the people who elected them – not the GOP establishment, and the knowledge and background to correctly inform those stances. Frank is the right candidate for the job.

  9. As chairman of the Randolph Tea Party, we have invited Ms Ellmers to speak on many occasions. Each time she had a conflict. Then we asked her to pick a day and we would get a group together, all we heard was crickets. She has spent much time outside of Randolph county.

  10. While US politicians like Ellmers and Boehner are suggesting we wave the white flag of surrender to Mexico and let all of their invaders have a pathway to citizenship in our counrty, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Swiss are letting their citizens have a say on immigration, and they spoke in a referendum this weekend, Heck the Swiss are even limiting LEGAL immigration and even from other European countries:

    It is time for our politicians to listen to American citizens, not special interests and foreign interests.

    1. The Swiss were smart in not joining the EU. They ave the choice of limiting immigration rather than have forced open borders.

  11. In the Fayetteville Observer in an op-ed piece, Congresswoman Ellmers wrote she is in effect for amnesty as she has stated most illegal immigrants can remain in the USA and receive legal work permits. She went on to say if an individual wants to come to this country to work……he should be allowed to do so, apparently oblivious to the fact that 20 million citizens are either unemployed or have a part-time job but want a full-time job and can’t find one. Six million illegal immigrants are working in non-farm jobs in the USA. Congresswoman Ellmers seems more interested in helping illegal immigrants keep their jobs than helping unemployed citizens find jobs. She meets frequently with cheap labor industries but rarely with unemployed citizens.

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