My how things change after you announce for US Senate and start trolling for PAC dollars

tillis mouthLet’s check the ObamaCare scorecard, friends.  Senator Burr says trying to defund ObamaCare is “the dumbest idea.”  Senator Hagan voted for and praised ObamaCare, and now takes both sides on the issue.  Renee Ellmers says she’s not interested in a defunding showdown.  Neither is Bob Pittenger over in Charlotte.  Republican US Senate candidate Greg Brannon says he’d be right there with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Mike Lee in fighting to defund ObamaCare.  Brannon says both Burr and Hagan should be joining the fight to defund this legislative atrocity.

What about state House Speaker Thom Tillis — the establishment favorite currently running slightly behind Brannon in polling matchups with Hagan?  

When all of the talk of the state refusing federal dollars to set up health insurance exchanges got started, Tillis initially parroted Governor Pat’s talking point about ObamaCare being “the law of the land.”  In July 2012, he was asked whether he supported efforts to nullify at the state level the implementation of ObamaCare.  Tillis responded that the best way to nullify ObamaCare was by “electing Governor Romney.”  Well, that didn’t happen.  What’s plan B?  

In January, he told an audience in Moore County that it was not a question of whether to fund ObamaCare, but how to implement it. 

The Democrats have a tracker with a video camera stalking Tillis everywhere he goes these days. (It’s interesting that most of the video that gets released has our state House speaker trolling the streets of DC — hopping from one  PAC office to the next.)

One of the more recent videos tries to pin Tillis down on whether he would support Senator Mike Lee’s effort to use the continuing resolution as leverage in the ObamaCare defunding fight.  Tillis would not go as far as Brannon did in his comments.  Tillis uttered the proper GOP talking points about how bad ObamaCare is, but said he’d leave the whole defunding thing to “the duly elected senators.”

4 thoughts on “My how things change after you announce for US Senate and start trolling for PAC dollars

  1. A few days ago,The Haymaker was correct to compare defunding Obamacare as our “Bunker Hill.” For decades the GOP has been on defense allowing the leftists to wage psychological warfare with their well-funded, relentless campaign of propaganda and lies accusing conservatives of racism, homophobia,bigotry, haters etc. We allowed the left to delegitimize us so they have beaten us in the battle of the mind. The establishment GOP (Burr, Pittenger, Holding, Elmers, Boehner, Cantor etc) cut the ground under the feet of the Tea Party Conservatives in order to save their taxpayer funded bloated salaries and benefits. These cowards prove they are afraid to fight leftists lies and need to be fired.
    We need to go on offense by reclaiming the truth via an urgent public campaign that the policies of the left destroy cities like Hartford, Detroit, Oakland etc. and will destroy American healthcare access. The truth is a game-changer. Don’t let Obama get his exemptions, waivers and delays. Let the left shove this horror down American throats October 1,2013. The 53% who vote democrat will never,ever change unless they feel the pain of what leftist policy cause. Until then we should support candidates who demonstrate they are willing to fight for rationalism over fanaticism, and be fearless when standing and fighting to defund Obamacare and every other leftist distortion that’s thrown our way.

  2. Speaker Tillis has been given numerous opportunities to discuss the subject at some of the Townhalls the grassroots are organizing throughout the State in order to hold our elected officials accountable and guess what – his schedule will not allow him to do so. He’s hiding from the people so that he doesn’t have to explain to them how he supports the largest intrusion into Americans lives and pocketbooks in our lifetime.
    It is highly doubtful that this man is a Principled Conservative.
    Speaker Tills, your actions speak loud and clear and we’re listening.

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