More goodness from the FEC

voteIt looks like there will be a serious challenger to Renee Ellmers in the 2014 general election. Keith Crisco of Randolph County, who served as commerce secretary under Bev Perdue, has filed a statement of candidacy to run as a Democrat for the Second Congressional District House seat currently held by Ellmers.  Raleigh radio host Frank Roche is already off and running as a primary challenger to Ellmers.

In the US Senate race, radio host Bill Flynn has yet to file a statement of candidacy — which is required by law. His only filings with the FEC are for his US House campaign committee from 2012, which is still showing nearly $34,000 in debt. But Flynn has announced the hiring of a campaign consultant.  Makes you wonder what’s going on inside the Flynn campaign.

Greg Brannon has filed a statement of candidacy, as has Thom Tillis. So have Heather Grant and  Mark Harris.