Moore County joins Brunswick, Beaufort, and Pitt in opposing illegal alien relocation

Moore-County-sealMoore County’s board of commissioners made it official last night — passing a resolution very similar to one recently passed by Brunswick County leaders.  Our quadruple Dingleberry Award-winning twice weekly local newspaper has the details:

[…] The board unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the “resettlement of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied minors” in Moore County and urging the federal government to uphold laws on immigration.

[County attorney Misty] Leland said several counties around the state have been circulating resolutions such as this and asking others to adopt them. She said this version was adopted by Brunswick County.

The resolution says the “influx of school-aged minors will have an adverse effect on our local school district educational funding, resources, campus security, public health and safety, as well as county resources.” It continues that this issue “is not of Moore County’s making, and is considerable in scope, and Moore County does not have the excess resources necessary for relief.”[…]

Of course, the sensitive crowd had to speak up about all this:

Kathy Berquist, president of the League of Women Voters of Moore County, urged the commissioners during the public-comment period at the beginning of the meeting not to “rush” to adopt the resolution. She raised concerns about some of the language and how it will effect the 5,300 people in Moore County of Latino dissent.

She specifically objected to one particular paragraph that states:

“The reason for the influx of minor children has less to do with the honest pursuit of a better life as much as it is the lawless policy of the current administration to open our borders and intentionally affect the traditional demographic in our country (a close look at the current situation shows that minors have been dumped here because of the explicit message they got from the United States government that as long as they get to American soil, they will be able to stay).”

[Commissioner Nick] Picerno, who made the motion to adopt the resolution, agreed to delete that entire paragraph. He acknowledged that the problem is not limited to just this administration.crowd

“I don’t want this to be about this administration,” he said. “This is not a slam on anyone except those who are breaking the law.”

According to the Obama regime, through July 31,  a total of 1429 of these border-crashing little darlings  have been surreptitiously resettled in The Tar Heel State.  State government officials have not received any info on the health status or actual location of these undocumented “visitors.” 

4 thoughts on “Moore County joins Brunswick, Beaufort, and Pitt in opposing illegal alien relocation

  1. Which intellectually deficient planet does Picerno live on? Which other administration, besides the one currently vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, has flaunted the law, and weaponized these illegal aliens? Way to go Nick. Can’t wait to vote for someone with some integrity next time round.

    1. Yea, I was thinking the same thing! Where has he been the past 6 years? Same old political crap! Ride the fence untill you fall off on one side or the other! Moore Co. has profited from legal/illegals for years, why stop now?

  2. Boogle what planet are you from??? I’ve kept up with Picerno during his time in office, and can honestly say that I wish we had more elected officials with his level of integrity. I’ve even called, and spoke with him on several issues. He talks cold, honest facts. To say he ” rides the fence is totally absurd. A strong conservative , that knows the numbers, and has a very common sense approach to government.

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