#NCSEN: PPP says Hagan 42, Tillis 38, Haugh 8

kaytomThe Democrat incumbent climbs slightly while the GOP challenger gains 4 points and the Libertarian holds where he was last month.  (Margin of error is +-3.4 percent.  A total of 856 likely voters were polled between August 14 and August 17.) 

July’s polling from PPP had Hagan 41, Tillis 34, and Haugh the Libertarian at 8 percent. The August survey finds that Haugh supporters favor Tillis over Hagan 61-19 percent if they only had those two choices.  When asked who their second choice was in the race — and their votes were allocated accordingly — Hagan leads Tillis 43-42.

PPP finds that Tillis leads Hagan 79 percent to 8 percent with GOP voters. Last month, that spread was at 72-13.  Hagan leads Tillis 74-15 with Democrats.  With Independents, Tillis leads Hagan 42-38.    The liberal pollster finds a 28-48 favorable / unfavorable rating for Tillis from respondents. Last month, his rating was at 24-47 Fav /UnFav.   Among GOP voters, Tillis’s favorable /unfavorable rating has gone from 39-29 in July to 52-24 in August.   Tillis’s strongest Favorable /Unfavorable ratings came from respondents who described themselves as “somewhat conservative” or “very conservative.”

Overall, Kay Hagan’s favorable / unfavorable rating stands at 42-49 through August 17.