#FAIL: HB 1224 dies. Thom The Therrible learns karma is a female dog.

tillis mouthThe Speaker of The House tried to ram through a bill containing a smorgasbord of odds-and-ends spending desired by the governor and various special interests.  It got shot down once in the GOP caucus.  It got shot down on the House floor Friday in a late-in-the-day revolt.

Speaker Tillis and his allies took the hardball route this week.  They loaded up the legislation with even more pork, and threatened non-compliant conservatives with a potential ouster from the GOP caucus.  Once that shenanigan went public, things continued to go south for the speaker. He took some tough questions during a Monday caucus meeting, but said the hardball disloyalty effort was not needed — he already had his votes.  (Or so he thought.) 

Once again, the man from Huntersville got surprised on the House floor.  HB 1224 went down in a blaze of glory, by a margin of 47-54. The vote sends a rather loud, clear and unpleasant message to Tillis and Gov. McCrory — who both staked a lot of political capital to the passage of the legislation.  Funny-Quote-Karma-is-like-a-rubber-band-560x225

Sources on the House floor tell me this development also kills off HB 189 — which would have brought film incentives and all kinds of other high-dollar goodies into play..  

The only real piece of excitement left — I’m told — is a decision on the big coal ash cleanup.  The House plan doesn’t really hold Duke Power to a timetable, while the Senate version does.  It will be interesting to see which version comes out on top.  Given Tillis’s recent spate of luck, it’s probably not hard to figure out.