Monkey Business Report: Fake PAC gets Dem GOTV $$$ in Robeson County

The national media and their patrons in the Democrat Party are fixated on Bladen County and alleged Republican electoral malfeasance there.  Meanwhile, next door in Robeson County, there was a significantly larger sum of money — and a larger cast of characters — involved than there was in the McRae Dowless affair in Bladen. 

Campaign finance reports for Bladen’s Republican sheriff James McVicker (2018) and Democrat  district  attorney candidate Butch Pope (2010) both show payments to McRae Dowless for “Get out the vote.”

My sources on the ground in Robeson County tell me that the state and national Democrat “get out the vote” cash — paying for the very same work apparently that Dowless got paid for next door in Bladen — ran through the campaign of Democrat district attorney candidate Matt Scott.  (Scott beat Republican Allan Adams on November 6.)

Here is one of the more interesting GOTV payouts listed on Scott’s campaign:

We conducted a search for this committee and could not find a listing with the state board of elections:

We also checked  the Federal Elections Commission.  Here’s what we found:

Last but not least, we did a search on the NC Secretary of State’s database:

A “committee” participating in election activity would HAVE to be registered with at least ONE of those three entities.  And it’s NOT.  WHAT did the Scott campaign — and Democrats running in Robeson County —  get for the $14,250.00 paid to this “committee”?

We paid a visit to our friends at Google to trace the ownership of PO Box 1741 in Lumberton —  the address listed for the Robeson Get Out the Vote Committee.  Here’s what we found:

Jerry Stephens is an incumbent (Democrat) county commissioner in Robeson County and a prominent community and political figure in the county’s black community.

The only significant races in Robeson County in November were the Ninth Congressional District race, the district attorney’s race, and one state district court race (which also appears to be mired in controversy). 

According to the Scott campaign filing, it paid a total of $38,030 to 18 different people or organizations in Robeson County alone for “get out the vote” in the just-completed election cycle.

GOTV efforts for Scott likely benefited Dan McReady and any other Democrat on the ballot in the county.

That’s a lot for a local county race.  And everyone’s bent out of shape about McRae Dowless and his $7,000 from the Harris campaign. 

8 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: Fake PAC gets Dem GOTV $$$ in Robeson County

  1. After what you posted I went and looked at Jerry Stephens commissioner district and saw that McCready received 2,822 MORE votes than Clinton did in Jerry Stephens district in 2016. Here is the break down by precinct and organized into descending order based on difference between Hillary and McCready.

    Precinct 11- 628 vote increase
    Precinct 12- 321 vote increase
    Precinct 13- 317 vote increase
    Precinct 02- 304 vote increase from Hillary to McCready
    Precinct 18A- 300 vote increase
    Precinct 16- 222 vote increase from Hillary to McCready
    Precinct 36- 161 vote increase from Hillary to McCready
    Precinct 08- 154 vote increase
    Precinct 09- 151 vote increase
    Precinct 03- 126 vote increase
    Precinct 14- 125 vote increase
    Precinct 17- 13 vote increase from Hillary to McCready

    1. Apparently the reason or the big gap in votes between McCready and Clinton is that Clinton’s results were entered wrong by the Board of Elections so that early votes were not counted as part of the total.

  2. Which is interesting because Hillary actually did 1,597 votes better than McCready in Robeson County as a whole but McCready somehow outperformed her considerably in the commissioner district where the commissioner was paid some $14,000 to get out the vote.

  3. It looks like the increase in votes came mostly from one-stop votes instead of absentee ballots. Remember the two ladies who signed the affidavit in Bladen claiming their ballots were taken? Their ballots both showed up as one-stop voting AND it said their absentee ballots had been accepted. Is it possible for absentee ballots to be counted as one-stop voting if you turn them in a certain way? I’m asking because I genuinely don’t know.

  4. If there is a new election, I would think a wise expenditure would be a private eye to keep a close watch on this dude.

  5. Not to discount any of the research, but just to correct one point: You don’t have to be a registered PAC to RECEIVE money from a campaign or political party in NC. An unincorporated association or local club or business could receive money for services, etc. But they may not DONATE money to a campaign; that’s where the PAC rule comes into play.

    1. But they also cannot spend money on political activities, which is what this entity did. It is not surprising to see someone of the far left like Hall defending Democrat election shananigans. Sometimes I wonder if Bob Hall is related to Gus Hall, former longtime boss of the American Communist Party.

  6. You have to go to the local BOE to request this PACs financial records and filings. It is there, I’ve gotten a copy.

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