Michael Whatley, job creator


The just-reelected NCGOP chairman can rightfully advertise himself as a “job creator.”  Unfortunately, all the “jobs” are for HIM.

In addition to being quite busy at state party HQ, Whatley has been quite busy in the last few months at Elaine Marshall’s office. According to his LinkedIn profile, Whatley is still a partner in his DC-based lobbying firm, HBW Resources.  (His profile continues to list him as being in DC.)

In February, Whatley created an LLC called Whatley Enterprises.  (We can’t find any info on just what kind of business it is.) The party chairman is listed as the ONLY company official.  A Gastonia-based accountant is listed as the LLC’s “organizer.”

On May 18,  Whatley created an LLC for something called Patriot Strategies.  (It sounds like a political consulting firm — an unusual choice for an incumbent party chairman. Again, we couldn’t find any info on what kind of business this is, or will be.)  Patriot Strategies has no office, and Whatley appears to be the organizer and only company official.