Meanwhile, the amnesty implementation crowd is staffing up in Raleigh

trainJobs are pretty scarce in North Carolina and across the country — thanks to Barry Obama and his fellow statists in DC.  But — good news — some folks are hiring! The US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants has a number of openings in its Raleigh field office. From reading the ads and job descriptions, it sounds like they are expecting some serious business in the upcoming weeks and months.  

USCRI sounds noble on the face of it.  WHO wouldn’t want to help someone fleeing oppression overseas? But if you look at the help wanted ads and job descriptions — staff attorney, case worker – post release services, legal assistant, and case aide — you notice something.  These guys are all about helping BarryO implement amnesty right here in our state.  One of the ads talks about aiding UACs.  (That is code for UnAccompanied Children. Remember all of the little darlings who hopped on those trains from Central America and rushed our border?  THEY are the UACs. )   Another ad calls for familiarity with DACA.   That’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  Also Amnesty!

Another ad talks about coordinating with DREAMers.  THAT is also amnesty.

We reported earlier about the feds dumping some of the little darlings within our state borders.  Gov. Pat McCrory even went on television to fume about how it wasn’t even discussed with him before it was done. crowd

The ads that specify foreign language skills, of course, ask for Spanish. Some ads talk about making sure the little darlings are aware of all of the services that are available to them.  Guess what?  If they are determined to be “refugees,” they’re eligible for ObamaCare!

Dear Leader Barry issued his amnesty decree late last year.  Republicans promised to keep their powder dry and stop all of that this year when they took over the entirety of Capitol Hill.  Of course, they are furiously backpedalingworried more about the optics of a government shutdown than the security and future of our country. 

Folks, we — and our country — are soooooooo screwed.