Setting the table for the amnesty sellout

cryjbRemember the kerfluffle late last year over the CRomnibus?  Boehner, McConnell & co. all told us that they would only fund Homeland Security through February. The organs of DHS that would deal with the implementation of amnesty would not be funded, we were told.

Well. here we are near the end of February.  It’s time to ante up for Homeland Security and we don’t look close to having a deal. :

[…] The House recently passed a bill that simultaneously funds Homeland Security while defunding the president’s executive actions on immigration. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said that he simply doesn’t have the 60 votes needed to pass the legislation in his chamber.

But, but, but we were told things would be sooooooo much easier in the new Congress with a total Republican majority!  Instead, it looks like déjà vu all over again.


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a statement that Republicans are “playing politics” with national security:”

“By refusing to bring a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security to the floor, Republicans are saying that tearing apart families is more important to them than protecting the United States and keeping Americans safe. If my colleagues want to fix our broken immigration system, we are happy to have a debate. But we should not put our national security at risk in the meantime.”

Johnson echoed the wishes of Senate Democrats for a “clean” funding bill.

“My hope is that in the four working days they have this week, they’ll finally come together and do the right thing and passed an appropriations bill, free and clear of any efforts to defund our executive actions,” said Johnson.lindsey

Also appearing on “This Week,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said that he believes the “executive orders were illegal,” but he is “willing and ready to pass a DHS funding bill.”

“I agree with the Texas judge who said that the executive orders were illegal,” said Graham. “I hope Republicans will come together and back the court case, file a friend of the court brief with the court and fund DHS. I am willing and ready to pass a DHS funding bill and let this play out in court.”

.@LindseyGrahamSCGraham said that the immigration battle belongs in the courts.

Graham added that the “worst possible outcome for this nation is to defund the Department of Homeland Security given the multiple threats we face to our homeland.”

“And I will not be part of that,” he said.

In other words, HE ain’t fightin’. See where this is going? 

Graham said that the immigration battle belongs in the courts.

“I hope my House colleagues will understand that our best bet is to challenge this in court, that if we don’t fund the Department of Homeland Security, we’ll get blamed as a party. And to anyone who is watching the world as it is, I’ve never seen more terrorist organizations with more safe havens, with more money, with more capability to strike the homeland than I do today. And that’s a direct result of a failed foreign policy by President Obama. And the worst thing to do is add gasoline to the fire by having the Republican Party defund the Department of Homeland Security.”sellout

Dan Holler, communications director at Heritage Action for America, the sister organization of The Heritage Foundation, said that “our nation would be better served if Secretary Johnson were focused on his job instead of trying to implement a scheme to grant legal status to those who ignored our nation’s immigration laws.”

If you honestly care about the safety and security of this country, you will not allow Reid & co. to make this debate about national security and terrorism.  They haven’t given a damn about it previously.  Why would they honestly start NOW? They want all of these new welfare recipients and Democrat voters pouring across our unsecured border.. 

There is ZERO evidence that shutting down the government has hurt the GOP.

Of course, NPR and CBS will say nasty things about you.  But don’t they always?  You’re not there to keep NPR happy.  You’re there to respect our wishes and protect our country.  We told you loud and clear in November that we wanted Obama and all of his shenanigans STOPPED.  Stop screwing around and get to it.


7 thoughts on “Setting the table for the amnesty sellout

  1. The reality is that Republicans gained seats after both of the last government shutdowns. Why should Republicans be scared of a shutdown?

    McConnell is jerking us around. He is well aware of the budget reconciliation process that avoids the 60 vote threshold and allows passage by a simple majority. Harry Reid used it to pass Obamacare, so why will McConnell not use it to stop Obama’s amnesty power grab? McConnell has a choice of backing the GOP base which put him there and expects real action against Obama amnesty instead of excuses or selling out and being an Obama enabler. The wrong choice could blow up the GOP.

  2. You can rest assured that the Washington GOP Establishment will capitulate and sell us out again. They do it every time. Why do conservatives stay in this party? It’s a sham.

  3. In a previous comment of mine on this specific topic I recollect the mention of neutering Leviathan. GOP leadership failed to do that when they had the blade in hand. Now, more and more, it looks like ” we the people” are the ones who are to be neutered. Not about winning or losing but how you play the game appears to be ingrained in the minds of too many politicians. This IS NOT a game!

  4. DHS will NOT shut down! More than 80% of employees are essential, meaning they must report to work, and they will get paid when the funding is restored – once Obama ceases and desists on his illegal amnesty.

    If the GOP rolls over on this and refuses to fight, it is doubtful they will ever win another national or even statewide election because illegal aliens will be put on a fast track to citizenship and will be able to vote (against them!).

    If the GOP loathes the Constitution and divided government as much as the Dems, then GOP, fight for your own self-preservation and to preserve the power of Congress!

    1. We can start the fight right here in NC. The RNC weasels have been selling us down the river every chance they get, meddling in our Primaries, and waging war against Conservatives. Show up at your County Convention next month and volunteer to be a delegate to the State Convention.

      This summer, the RNC wants NCGOP to change our POO to facilitate the RNC’s scheme to hold the National convention earlier than ever and lock up the nomination for their RINO candidate as fast as possible.

      Go to the State convention, kill the proposed change and stick it to the RNC.

      1. Agreed. But conservatives need to go to their precinct meetings first to get elected as a delegate to their county convention, and those precinct meetings are this month.

        1. I will do this, Raphael.

          It’s bad, when we first have to K.O. the Vichy RINOs in our own Party, before we can K.O. the Left.

          But, can we stomach our own Party long enough to get to the State Convention and vote down these lousy plans?

          Every week, I ache to go to the Board of Elections and divorce the GOP.

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