McCrory on right track re: amnesty. (Now, about those GOPers in Congress ..)

pat-mccrory11We’ve had our issues with a lot of decisions made by this governor.  But we do have to give him kudos for his positions on illegal immigration.  In 2013, he resisted General Assembly efforts (led by Thom Tillis)  to water down e-verify citizenship requirements for the state’s employers.

Gov. Pat has made another wise move on the amnesty front by joining a 17-state coalition  (led by Texas) challenging Barry’s executive order:

[…] McCrory’s press office issued a statement Wednesday announcing the legal challenge.

“The president has exceeded the balance of power provisions clearly laid out in the U.S. Constitution and his unilateral expansion of power must be challenged,” McCrory said. “In North Carolina, the 10th most populous state, the president’s actions are likely to put more financial strain on our state’s government services.”

The Obama administration has contended that prosecutorial discretion gives the president the power to take the action he took on Nov. 20. Obama has said what he did was no different from actions taken by other presidents.

“This lawsuit is not about immigration,” officials from the 17-state coalition noted in their court filing on Wednesday. “It is about the rule of law, presidential power and the structural limits of the U.S. Constitution.”

In addition to Texas, other states taking part in the challenge include Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

McCrory was one of four governors who sued. The others were from Mississippi, Maine and Idaho.[…]

Meanwhile, Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are ready to tie the hands of the incoming GOP majority on amnesty: 

The White House isn’t ruling out the House Republicans’ government funding plan, removing a potential barrier to resolving a fight over funding the government before it runs out of money in eight days.

Anyone else get worried when Barry and his crew are jonesing over a GOP proposal?  MORE: wall

Speaker John Boehner wants a deal to keep most of the government going through September 2015 and the Department of Homeland Security for a shorter amount of time, a concession to appease conservatives who are angry with Barack Obama over his recent immigration actions.

Republican leaders on Wednesday also considered changes that would mollify conservatives further, like setting Homeland Security funding to expire in mid February instead of March.
But Boehner may still need the help of Democrats to get his plan across the finish line, making the White House’s current position a positive sign that he could get his package through the House.
The Obama administration wants full funding of the entire government through September, a position White House press secretary Josh Earnest detailed this week. But privately, administration officials view the House proposal as a fallback — as long as Republicans don’t insert legislative language known as riders that restrict Obama’s ability to implement the immigration plan.
“I didn’t walk out here with a veto threat,” Earnest said at the White House briefing Wednesday. “But we’ve been pretty clear on what Congress should do and that is to pass a full-year budget for the full federal government.”
Since Boehner may need to rely on Democrats to pass his plan, White House officials hope they can use that as leverage to demand full funding of the government. But some top Hill Democrats, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, have already signaled that they could back the House Republican proposal.
Democratic votes will be crucial to avoid a government shutdown, and the absence of strong White House opposition to the spending package could help bring his party along. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has not announced whether she’ll urge her membership to vote against the package, which is likely to be unveiled early next week. If the Senate doesn’t like what the House passes, it could pass either a short-term government funding bill or a full-year funding bill, which could put Boehner in a tough spot.illegalaliensdontunderstandlaw
The White House’s calculus could change. For example, House and Senate appropriators are reviewing dozens of legislative riders that will end up in the so-called omnibus. If any of those provisions drag the bill to the right, the White House could end up issuing a veto threat. Senior congressional leadership aides say that appropriators are working hard to get a bill that could pass both chambers and garner Obama’s signature.
Right now, the House will also pass a bill to try to stop Obama’s executive actions, but it will be ignored by the Senate. The GOP leadership was whipping support for that measure on the House floor Wednesday afternoon.[…]
Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) rallied with other congressional conservatives Wednesday, pushing for Capitol Hill to fully defund Obama’s executive action. Senate Democrats would vote down any legislation that limits Obama’s authority.

202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121.  You know what to do.  #DefundObamasamnesty

10 thoughts on “McCrory on right track re: amnesty. (Now, about those GOPers in Congress ..)

  1. Hooray for Governor McCrory!!! And hooray for the other Republican Governors, including Scott Walker, who are taking on Obama’s act of dictatorship on amnesty.

    I wish I could say as much about our Congressional delegation, but outside of Walter Jones, it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Newt Gingrich came out today against Boehner’s cave in. The ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Jeff Sessions also blasted Boehner for surrendering the GOP’s leverage with his cave in.

    The sell out is the 9 month Continuing Resolution on most of government spending, with no riders stopping Obama. With that, Boehner will be enabling Obama’s lawlessness and tying the hands of the GOP to do much about it. This is a shameful, spineless act. Any NC Republicans who vote for it, including the procedural votes like the vote on the rule that puts it on the floor, need to be primaried and defeated in 2016. Lets stand up for the principles of the Republican platform by taking out the poseurs who run on the Repubican label but betray us on key issues.

  2. Ive been saying this for a year.

    Pat McCrory is the frontrunner Governor for 2016 if he were to run. He is a moderate like Scott Brown or Pete Wilson or Lou Barletta on fiscal issues. He has a path to victory like Romney(in 2012). A moderate who pushes back against the open borders lobby. Unlike Romney, McCrory truly opposes abortion as well. McCrory also has links to Ohio. So he is involved with 2 of the closest swing states.

    President McCrory would be dealing with a US House GOP more conservative than Tillis’ pack of RINOS.

    The extremists are the Paul Ryan open borders fetishists. The moderates are the people who say immigration should be limited.

    Scott Walker has flip flopped again. But at his most honest Scott Walker thinks there should be unlimited immigration. Bobby Jindal actually said the GOP should do immigration reform anyway in 2014 before the midterms. Christie gave tuition to illegals. Kasich gave driving cards to them and came out for full amnesty. Jan Brewer supported Corker-Hoeven amnesty con. Then she flip flopped. Jan is actually on McCain’s re election committee.

    Congressman Paul Gosar who is sort of a moderate on fiscal issues is probably the best person to run against amnesty.

    1. I would disagree with you that Scott Walker is a moderate on economic issues or that we need a candidate of that type for president. Obamacare is as big an issue as amnesty, and we need to stop both. I have read articles that indicate Walker’s remarks that were widely circulated as supposedly being for amnesty were not accurately reported and were a distortion of what he really said. McCrory is a real hero on standing up against amnesty, but as long as he is making noises about going along with parts of Obamacare, I do not see him having national potential.

      As to our House delegation, Congressman-elect Walker told us he was strongly against amnesty and was opposed to the current GOP leadership team. Will he walk the walk and oppose Boehner? Mark Meadows has had some conservative cred, and this may be the point that he either expands that or loses it. His name is on RedState’s call list on opposes the rule on Boehner’s sell out long term CR. Have any of his constituents called him, and what reaction are they getting?

      We have to stop the Boehner Betrayal in the lame duck session, before we get to dumping Boehner in the new session.

  3. We will replace Boehner in January!
    He won in January 2013 by only 6 votes and several of them were “go along” votes when it was obvious he would win, such as Michele Bachman.
    We must select a candidate and begin to campaign for him/her now!
    We have the votes to remove Boehner now!

  4. The GOP is playing both sides of the border fence in this scam, they are using a$$shole McCrory and a$$hole Tillis doing the good elected official bad elected official skit so that they can equally say to different groups, the GOP supports a pathway to citizenship (Tillis amnesty) to those who want it and also say they oppose amnesty temporarily played by a$$swipe McCrory in this scam. He’ll be back in full swing operating to the left of center soon enough, hold your applause please. At the end of the day you’ve got the same thing a GOP still full of fence jumper loving a$$hole$. Who’s paying attention, it’ll work out great and alot of cash will be raked in by the scam. Theres a lot of money to be raked in from suckers on both sides of the issue.

  5. Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr is selling us out on amnesty once again. Read his statement below where he supports the Boehner Betrayal:

    Burr wants to surrender most of the leverage that the GOP presently has to stop amnesty, and that makes him nothing but an Obama enabler and a turncoat. He needs to go in 2016. What is the difference between a liberal Democrat who stabs you in the front and a liberal ”Republican” who stabs you in the back?

    Burr is doubling down on liberal by this move. On the Gang of 8 amnesty bill, Burr voted in favor of amnesty on the key vote, which was the vote on cloture, the one place that bill could have been stopped. He thought he could pull the wool over our eyes by voting against amnesty on the bill vote, when the result was not in doubt. That is an old Lindsay Graham trick, but voters are wising up to this dishonest charade.

    Burr is North Carolina’s amnesty man, and in all liklihood, Tillis will vote the same way, given his background. These two clowns make it embarassing to be a Republican in North Carolina. They are betraying North Carolina and its voters in order to brownnose the special interests.

  6. And in the end we all know what happens: Amnesty.

    The conservatives will rant and rave. They will fight the “good fight” but in the end death and amnesty will take us all.

    The deal has been settled between the top Dems and the country club Republicans. By the time the next election rolls around amnesty will no longer be an issue. That still does not mean that you cannot fight a losing battle. I have never been a big fan of fighting to the last man but if that is your thing then go for it.

    Big money wants amnesty and cheap labor. And they will get it.

      1. Pro-amnesty Congressional honcho Eric Cantor also thought that having a lot more money, most of it form special interests, than his anti-amnesty challenger made him a shoo-in, too. It didn’t.

        We need to ”Cantorize” as many of these dirtbag traitors as we can in 2016 starting in NC with Tricky Dick Burr.

    1. A lot of big government liberals like you too said the same thing about the giveaway of the Panama Canal, but that issue was defeating Senators who voted for it for three election cycles, starting with the defeat of Sen. Robert Morgan in NC by the unknown Dr. John East. Obamacare is another gift that is going to keep on giving to (or rather taking from) those who supported it.

      And amnesty is one of those issues that does not go away. Ask David Cameron in the UK as his party is getting savaged from the right in election after election for going wobbly on immigration, or the so-called ”mainstream” parties in France where the stridently anti-immigration National Front is now leading in the polls for the next French presidential election, or perhaps the Prime Minister of Sweden whose government was just brought down yesterday by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

      Richard Burr is a turncoat who has betrayed the party platform on an issue of major consequence, and I will work hard to defeat him in the primary. If he wins that, he will have a darn hard time convincing me to vote for him in the general after his miserable record.

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