Orange Co. Commish: ‘It’s very American to be prejudiced’

Many of you ACC sports fans may recognize the name Barry Jacobs.  He writes a lot on the ACC, and is a regular talking-head on all things ACC. jacobs Well, Barry is also an Orange County commissioner.  Orange County is the home of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, drum circles, and that Martian Graig Meyer. 

Well, the Orange County board met, and ol’ Barry tossed in his two cents for The N&O:

“It’s very American to be prejudiced,” Jacobs said. “I think that we have to continue to fight the know-nothings who throughout American history have tried to deny to other people the rights that they either already enjoyed or came here to enjoy.”

What’s ol’ Barry babbling about?  Well, um, THIS:

The Orange County Board of Commissioners unanimously voiced their support Monday night for giving unaccompanied child refugees equal access to education, health care and protection under the law.train

Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen passed a similar resolution Nov. 18 in response to the wave of unaccompanied Central American children fleeing crime, violence and extreme poverty this year.

Doris Brunson, chairwoman of the county’s Human Relations Commission, said the number of children, particularly from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, has risen dramatically over the last three years. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates roughly 2,100 unaccompanied children have come to North Carolina since October 2013.

The local resolution says Orange County is “a welcoming community” to refugee children and their sponsors and asks congressional, state and federfansguideal leaders to address the concerns. It also directs county staff to work with other agencies and ensure children can access local resources.[…] 

Is it about prejudice, or is it about respect for the law, American citizenship, and The Constitution? Prejudice / Hatred / Intolerance are all epithets fascist goons like Jacobs employ to shout down and shut down any and all criticism of their efforts to debase our society and bankrupt our citizenry. 

Women have more freedom in America than just about anywhere else in the world.  Gays have more freedom in America than just about anywhere else in the world.  There are plenty of examples in this great country of people who start off with nothing, work hard, play by the rules, and make it big.  But crowdfolks like Jacobs could care less. They are more interested in creating more government dependents and a reliable leftist voting bloc.

I vote we de-annex Orange County and let Cuba HAVE THEM.  (Kind of a post-war, Cold War-era Berlin style arrangement.) 

4 thoughts on “Orange Co. Commish: ‘It’s very American to be prejudiced’

  1. So in this great nation, formed under Christian values I’m told, we are not to give care to poor children who live among us???

    1. You remind me of the old saying that even the Devil can quote scripture. Having said that, I agree wholeheartedly….let the Christians feed, clothe, and provide one way tickets home for these aliens. And insist that the government put American children first.

    2. More accurately, care to children who have been assisted by a criminal Federal government to invade our borders illegally. It is the Alynski rule to force a nation to live up 100% to its ideals (an impossibility), so as to cause chaos and its collapse. The above argument emanates from the Alynski school of insurgency, and you, sir, are its toady messenger.

  2. According to the sideabr in that article… “Unaccompanied refugee children receive immunizations, medical screenings and basic care until an immigration hearing, where they can be deported or allowed to resettle with sponsors or family in the United States.”

    That seems entirely sufficient to me – I only wish our government would actually process such cases more quickly and effectively deport people who need to be deported, instead of passing the buck and not enforcing the rules at all. If they truly are refugees with actual need, we have a process for such people who seek refuge. Otherwise, deport them. I dont see why local city and school boards need to be involved…

    Also.. of course, not at all surprised that someone from that neck of the woods is quite happy to throw around other people’s money to further causes important to them personally. If they have some sort of racial guilt or personal issues they want to work out, let them take care of it on their own dime.

    These government services being discussed are established, at great cost, for the people who live and work here legally. If you want access to them, step one should be to enter the country legally, via the system we’ve set up for that exact purpose. That’s not “racist” or “prejudiced” or “unfair”, and these people dont seem to be having any of their rights “denied”.

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