The DC GOP’s three-card monte scam on amnesty

scamQuestion: What do you get when you hold your nose while voting? Answer: Pretty much the same damn thing you would have gotten from the guys and gals you voted against.

Erick Erickson over at RedState sums up the latest on the Republicans and amnesty beautifully:

 News reports indicate that the House GOP plans to surrender to the President and avoid taking a stand against his unconstitutional executive amnesty. Even leftwing media outlets agree that the plan is a unilateral surrender. According to Politico, they will vote on a “symbolic” bill opposing the President’s executive action that the “Senate will likely ignore”, then pass a massive omnibus spending bill that stays silent on amnesty.

For crying out loud, even Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) supports it. We can now call this the Boehner-Reid Amnesty Authorization Act:

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)11% (D-Nev.) on Tuesday signaled that he will accept a House Republican plan to pass an omnibus spending bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security for only a few months.

Reid, who has made passing an omnibus spending bill one of his top priorities of the lame-duck session, said he would consider House passage of the “cromnibus” a policy win.

“That would be a big accomplishment if we could get a bill over here that would fund all the appropriations subcommittees except for one,” Reid told reporters. “I think it’s kind of unfortunate that they’re talking about not doing Homeland Security but that’s the way it is.”3card

Folks, this Boehner-Reid plan should have been laughed out of the room. Instead, House Republicans are embracing it. They still don’t seem to have learned that in negotiations, they should start with their best offer, not their worst. The best offer is clear: the House must pass a funding bill that stops the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. Period. This is made even easier by the fact that conservatives already did their homework for them and wrote ironclad language that would stop the President.

Passing a funding bill that stops the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty puts the ball in the Senate’s court, and there’s reason to believe that Sen. Harry Reid could have a difficult time handling it. That’s why he’s supporting the Boehner-Reid plan. 

This sounds suspiciously like the same tactic used on us with ObamaCare.  *Don’t worry.  We’ll get it later.*   Folks, when you get the wheels of the appropriation process rolling in DC, they are nearly impossible to stop. 

What nameofis so scary about a government shutdown?  We did in in 2013.  The GOP increased its numbers on the Hill in 2014. The voters said loud and clear they wanted Obama stopped.  Everyone campaigned on stopping amnesty.  Yet, here they are ready to follow Boehner and McConnell in a march to surrender before the fight has even begun.

A measure expressing disapproval of amnesty on one hand while coupling it with a bill to fund everything in the other?  (*Hey, look! A shiny object!)   I disapprove of taxes, but I am still coughing them up to Uncle Sam. 

We hate to say ‘We told you so.’  But .

Paying back campaign donors is a big deal to DC politicians.  The Chamber of Commerce wants amnesty.  They shelled out big bucks to a lot of people who won their races.  The Chamber expects a return on their investment.  The future of the country and those little people back home be damned. 

If you want to call DC, knock yourself out.  Here is a list of North Carolina’s delegation members (Coble, McIntyre and Hagan are gone). You can call the switchboard at 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121.

If this doesn’t convince you that the struggle is between the Ruling Class and THE REST OF US, I don’t know what will.

5 thoughts on “The DC GOP’s three-card monte scam on amnesty

  1. We all knew amnesty was a done deal. It sounded good to be against it and it rallied the troops. But it was over long ago. Just like gay marriage. The business community wants amnesty and they are the ones writing all the checks.

    By next election it will be just a faint memory.

    1. Actually, Coble, McIntyre, and Hagan still vote on this as this is a lame duck session.

      What is telling on just how bad is Weepy Boehner’s plan is that the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Jeff Sessions has called it out as really terrible, throwing away almost all of the GOP’s leverage until late next year, while Harry Reid says it is great. Weepy Boehner, who never lets an opportunity to whine like a crybaby over any possibility of a government shutdown go to waste, is selling the GOP down the river on an issue of critical importance. He is betraying Republican voters on the issue that the polls showed was the most important one to them in the last election. There is an old saying in politics that you never piss on your base, but Boehner is both pissing and defecating on the Republican base on this very major issue that is existential to both the country and the party. He is a despicable traitor. He needs to be dumped as Speaker at the opening of the next session.

    2. David Cameron thought like you, and it has not turned out that way when he led his party to go wobbly on immigration. It is now coming back to bite him and his party in the butt as they lose election after election to a new party, UKIP, coming at them from the right and taking a hard line on immigration. I suspect the ”mainstream” French parties thought that too, but now they are seeing the anti-immigration National Front leading in the polls for the next election for president of France. Oh, and as to gay marriage, the UK parliament passed that, but the polls are showing that UKIP’s opposition to it is still the number 3 reason driving their vote (immigration is #1 far and away).

      A little closer to home, a lot of politicians thought voters would forget their voting to give away the Panama Canal. Right here in North Carolina, the first one to learn that lesson the hard way was Senator Robert Morgan who lost his Senate seat to an unknown Republican named John East on that very issue. It was still defeating Senators who voted for the treaty two election cycles after that. Amnesty is an issue a lot closer to home than the Panama Canal.

      Tricky Dick Burr has an opportunity to make up for his vote for the Gang of 8 bill on the critical procedural vote for cloture, which was the key vote on that bill, by voting this time to stop any longterm CR, or he has the chance to double down on liberal. What he does on that vote will determine whether I vote for him in 2016 if he is the GOP nominee. I hope he pays attention to what Senator Sessions is doing. I also hope that he remembers that we are watching the procedural votes, too. Sometimes they are the most critical.

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