Kicking the taxpayers,the country, the economy — AND the can — down the road a little further

Instead of DOING their constitutionally-mandated job of passing a budget, the GOP-dominated House has decided to play along with the Ruling Class’s never-ending cycle of continuing resolutions — guaranteeing another “crisis” at the end of September.

The continuing resolution supposedly keeps the spending cuts (really cuts in growth of spending) mandated by the sequester in place.  It even keeps those line items for funding the implementation of ObamaCare in place.  

Thirty members of the House signed a letter begging that — in light of the furloughs and other sequester fallout — the line items for funding ObamaCare be stricken from the continuing resolution.  Signers of the letter from the Carolinas included  Duncan and Wilson from South Carolina; and Hudson, Jones and Meadows from North Carolina.  That’s all the courage that could be mustered from either the Palmetto or Tar Heel State.  Of that group, only Jones stuck to his guns when it came time to vote.  He voted against the closed rule on the continuing resolution, but voted FOR final passage.  

The continuing resolution passed overwhelmingly, with ObamaCare funding in place. 

Thank goodness we’re starting to see some courage in the Senate.  They take up the CR next week.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) are leading the fight against its passage, with ObamaCare funding in place, in the Senate.  We won’t hold our breath waiting for Senator Burr to stick his neck out and join this courageous fight.   Ditto for Lindsey Graham.  I could see Tim Scott out there, though. 

We gave these folks a majority in 2010, in exchange for their promises to fight this economic nightmare tooth and nail. Three years later, we’re getting a lot of rolling over, playing dead, and babbling things like: “It’s the law of the land.”  At one time, slavery was the law of the land.  Now, it is not.  At one time, prohibition of alcohol was the law of the land.  Now, it is not.  Things can be changed.  However, it takes courageous leadership to do it.