ICE, ICE Baby (Lee County, NC re-mix.)


I swear.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Here’s Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter (R):


Here’s more from our favorite band of snowflakes from Lee County:

[…] Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested approximately 30 men and women for “identification theft and fraud” from Bear Creek Arsenal — a manufacturer of AR-15 firearms and firearm products — in Sanford this morning.

The incident has led to several Latino-owned businesses in Sanford closing their doors today.

According to the Raleigh-based online news site QuéPasa, ICE agents entered the Bear Creek facility, located at 310 McNeill Road in Sanford, at around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. Sources told the Rant that at least 70 people were detained, though Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter could not provide a number of people taken into custody [Carter later posted on Facebook the number arrested was closer to 30].

“There was an ICE raid on a local business today,” Carter told The Rant. “It was something ICE had been working on for a while. We did assist with the operation. We don’t know how many people were taken into custody.”

State troopers, federal agents and Lee County deputies could be seen pulling over cars along U.S. 1 near the Burns Drive exit as early as 7:30 a.m. Tuesday (Burns Drive is one of two entrance ways to Bear Creek Arsenal). Carter wanted to stress that this was not a “random search,” and said there were “extenuating circumstances concerning identification theft and fraud.”

“[ICE] didn’t just show up here and go to a random business and start rounding people up,” Carter said. “This was based on an investigation of this business and their hiring practices and the undocumented individuals who were working there.” […]

Ooooooo-Kay.   It’s a machine gun  manufacturing company.  And it is apparently (allegedly) staffed with a bunch of illegal aliens.  Many of which I’m sure are from south of the border where a lot of violent drug cartels reside.   What could go wrong? 

Of course, the ambulance-chasers leapt into action.  In fact, here’s ONE right now:

Oh, and here’s WRAL giving us an aerial view of the, um, action via its helicopter.

Interestingly, an awful lot of businesses in the Sanford area that cater to or employ significant numbers from the Hispanic community closed up shop — right about the time of the ICE raid.  It suddenly got really hard to buy a taco or burrito.  (*And here it is Taco Tuesday.  Cruel.  Just cruel.*)

My personal favorite was the business that posted the sign “Closed due to Plumbing Problems.”  (I’m betting things got clogged up pretty quick when word spread that ICE was in town.)

It’s pretty interesting timing — given that President Trump is making his big speech tonight.  And the Democrats and a bunch of   weak Koch-and-Chamber-owned Republicans are in the middle of furiously fighting the erection of a border wall or implementation of ANY other kind of security.

1 thought on “ICE, ICE Baby (Lee County, NC re-mix.)

  1. How To Deal With The ILLEGAL ALIEN Problem In 6 Simple Steps!

    1) Secure the border!

    2) Announce on all media outlets simultaneously that effective immediately and retroactively that the 14th amendment would be correctly interpreted as it was supposed to be, and as congress itself said during the discussions on it. It was NEVER meant to make everyone born in America a citizen, if their parents weren’t already citizens. It was designed to make recently freed slaves citizens…. and THAT IS ALL!

    3) During the same announcement announce that effective immediately there would be no free medical care, financial assistance, or education for illegal aliens. If they checked into an emergency room for care or registered for school they would be immediately deported, with medical care provided only if it was deemed to be an emergency, but THEN they would be deported.

    4) The announcement would also inform everyone that any illegal aliens found in the country after 30 days from the date of this announcement would be immediately deported and would be banned from ever entering this country again, for ANY reason, FOR LIFE!

    5) Announce that any employer found to have an illegal alien on the payroll, or paying them under the table would be fined $50,000 immediately for EACH AND EVERY CASE, WITHOUT LIMIT!

    6) Announce free weekly bus trips from multiple major cities to the Mexican border. Explain that “no names or personal information would be requested” but remind them that ANY illegal alien found in this country after 30 days would be not only deported, but banned from reentry FOR LIFE!

    This would not only prevent NEW illegal aliens from sneaking in OR “most” drugs coming in because the border would be secured, but would take away EVERY reason for illegal aliens from coming here to begin with because there would not be the UNCONSTITUTIONAL granting of “citizenship” to so-called “anchor babies,” and there would be NO health care, financial assistance, or education available, AND NO jobs available because of the huge financial penalties suffered by anyone stupid enough to give them a job!

    It would remove the “incentive” of health care, education, and jobs while at the same time letting them know that if they really did want to become citizens or just get a work permit they would be banned from entering the country FOR EVER by entering (or staying) illegally!

    You will notice I said 6 SIMPLE steps. I did not say EASY! It would not be easy because BOTH political parties have apparently forgotten their oath to uphold the Constitution, and defend the Country from ALL Enemies foreign and domestic!

    The one thing I never see talked about is the effect of the government’s current ABANDONMENT of their responsibilities, and the consequences of their inaction.

    Everyone, including opponents of their failure to secure the border, along with their willingness to provide everything for these ILLEGAL ALIEN never seem to realize is the fact that it has nothing to do with racism, or animosity toward Mexicans, and EVERYTHING to do with National Security, and National Sovereignty!

    All these idiots who avocate for open borders sayin that we “must let these people come here because they have it so bad where they are?” What if 300 million people from multiple OTHER countries, other than Mexico, decide THEY want to come here for the advantages we “offer.” Are we supposed to let them ALL come in!?

    There are over 7 BILLION people in the world, most, if not all, with a lower standard of living than us. How many is “too much?” 100 million… 200 million… 1 billion?

    What happens to this country when we have even 30 million people who have been granted ” asylum” here, simply by the process of being willing to BREAK OUR LAWS AND COME IN ILLEGALLY? Do we “grant them citizenship?

    Do you think those people, who didn’t care enough about our laws to come here legally, many of whom are still loyal to their country of origin, will want to keep our system of government as it was designed? Do you think they will vote for an “american” politician, or ONE OF THEIR OWN?

    When all of these ILLEGAL ALIENS are suddenly granted amnesty and then citizenship begin to vote in mass for their people, what do you THINK will happen. These people don’t even care enough to learn our language!

    Heck! They are marching in the streets now with the flag of their country held up, instead of the American flag. What will happen when they no longer have ANY fear of deportation (and they are almost there already!)

    We have ILLEGAL ALIENS being interviewed on national news outlets for God’s sake! Not only not afraid of “being found out,” but proudly PROCLAIMING their ILLEGAL STATUS!

    It’s like we have gone INSANE as a country…. with the politicians OF BOTH PARTIES leading the parade to the looney bin!

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