Ethically-challenged NCGOPe LOSER blasts Mark Meadows in driveby media



Some folks don’t know when they’re beaten and need to move on.  Look at Dan McCready.  And Robert Pittenger.

The word on the street is that the ex-congressman (and former state senator)  is looking to run AGAIN for lieutenant governor.  (Political juggernaut Walter Dalton (D) took him down in the 2008 lieutenant governor contest.)  If so,  WHY tee off so publicly on the most popular elected Republican with the conservative grassroots in our great state ?

Here’s Pittenger from this week’s CharO:

With the exception of being husband to a wonderful lady, father to four great children and grandfather to 12 precious grandchildren, representing North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District was the greatest honor of my life. But there were a few bumps and pitfalls along the way.

For example, I came face to face with the “swamp,” more interested in corporate profits than national security. While at Elmendorf Air Base in Anchorage, the commanding general showed me the Stealth F-22, our most sophisticated aircraft. As we walked around the aircraft, the general told us that its technology was sold to the Chinese as a condition to gain access to the Chinese market. I helped lead an effort to pass legislation that addressed this practice, acknowledged by then-Defense Secretary James Mattis in a letter to me. […] 

Listen to “Mister Man of The People.”  Pittenger, while he was serving in the state Senate, was widely believed to be using his power as a legislator to benefit real estate parcels his business was marketing.  Here’s his former Senate colleague, Fern Shubert, calling him out on one such example.

While in Congress, various conservative effectiveness rating systems regularly showed Pittenger to be battling it out with Patrick McHenry and Renee Ellmers for the “honor” of being the most liberal member of North Carolina’s US House Republican caucus.

In the run-up to his loss to Mark Harris,  our site noticed that Pittenger appeared to be trying to buy  a lot of love from his constituents by tossing out federal grants to anyone with a pulse.


[…] As Charlotte is the nation’s second-largest financial center, it was important for me to serve on the Financial Services Committee. As it turns out, being on the committee meant I had the responsibility now to raise $500,000 for my colleagues running in tough districts each election cycle, above the $1.5 million I needed for my own campaign. Thus began the never-ending battle to raise money, hounding friends and non-friends alike.

Perhaps the biggest frustration was the lack of getting consensus to pass important legislation. Remember, the Republicans had 240 House members; only 218 votes are required for passage of any bill. So what’s the problem? The Freedom Caucus and others, who should be designated as members of the “Hope yes, vote no caucus.”[…] 

I am sure that Bob’s  desire to sit on the banking committee had a lot to do with all the banking PAC checks that would be rained down on him  as a committee member.  

And, is this guy really telling us he had no ethical concerns about basically PAYING for a seat on the banking committee?  Man-of-the-people, my posterior. 

Slamming the conservative minority in the House GOP caucus is rich.  Is he really mocking them for daring to actually honor the party platform and DO what they told the voters they were going to do when elected?   

Pittenger made national news for mocking Tea Party efforts to defund ObamaCare.  He and Renee Ellmers also made news for all the cash they sucked up from pro-amnesty / anti-border wall  groups.  

That’s kind of like all the crooks in the jail rolling their eyes and laughing at the church-going, hard-working, law-abiding people out there. 

And let’s not forget that this very guy who slams “The Swamp” had a simultaneous FBI and IRS probe of his personal business simply GO AWAY.


[…] We passed a budget bill that included critical funding for national defense. But to get it passed in the Senate we had to add billions in federal assistance programs to appease Democrats. Rep. Patrick McHenry and I were the only N.C. delegation members to vote for it, while others chose to duck and run and let us take the heat. These critical security votes allowed Mark Harris to call me a liberal.

How about the Freedom Caucus in this legislative process? The most dangerous place in Washington is between Rep. Mark Meadows and a media camera. […]

Says the weasel who will gladly trash his own party and the conservative hero-of-the-moment in order to get on CNN.  People want to actually hear Meadows’ views on the issues.  Pittenger can only get airtime, face-time, or column inches in media that already hates Trump and wants a “Republican’ to validate their own biases.


[…] Mark will sound off against the Speaker or anyone to stake out a claim that he is the champion of conservatives, while he understands the reality that passing legislation requires additional funding to get the necessary 60 votes in the Senate.

Ronald Reagan would have never been accepted by the Freedom Caucus. Reagan, the icon of conservatives, often said “I will take half a loaf now and come back for the rest of it later.” […] 

Reagan  NEVER had a GOP majority in the House AND Senate to work with, either.  The attempts to “appease Democrats”  were necessary because of “Republicans” like Pittenger who love the (R) at the end of their name, but hate the whole party platform thingy.


[…] In addition to a health care bill, we lost immigration reform and $25 billion of border wall funding a year ago because Meadows and his pals would not accept DACA. Get over it, the kids are grown up and are living here. They are not going anywhere and the Freedom Caucus chose to grandstand and lose the opportunity to stop the hemorrhage at the border. Now we are bickering with Pelosi and Schumer trying to get $5 billion and likely won’t get that.[…]

The American people didn’t vote for DACA.  They didn’t vote for amnesty.  Ol’ Bob is so butt-hurt about it because his big amnesty-loving donors who lined his pockets demanded results and HE couldn’t deliver them.

[…] Mr. President, Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus are not your friends. […]

Says the weasel who joined the rest of his NCGOPe brethren in flocking to Marco Rubio in the primary.  MORE:

[…] They laud you on Fox News then undermine your legislation. Had we passed healthcare and immigration reform with border funding we would have likely kept the House.

To be sure, there was good, bad and ugly in Congress. Thanks for the many friends and staff who supported my efforts.[…] 

Mark Meadows is hands-down Donald Trump’s best friend in the GOP.  THIS is just nonsense dripping from Bob’s mouth.         “[H]ealthcare and immigration reform” were basically the GOPe putting its stamp of approval on the Obama agenda.  Those schemes had already damaged America and sought to do more harm.

Robert Pittenger is yet another charlatan who views “public service” as a personal enrichment opportunity.  The gains they secure STOP at their own pockets.