Community College staff aided illegal alien evasion of ICE?

Judging from this group text sent out by Sanford-based Central Carolina Community College’s English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) department, THAT is what happened:

On Tuesday, agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service raided a Sanford area business (specializing in machine gun manufacturing). At least 30 people were arrested on charges relating to fraud and identity falsification.

Local media noted that just about every local business in town owned by Hispanics, primarily serving Hispanics or employing a significant  number of Hispanics shut down almost immediately once word of the raid spread publicly.  There was also reportedly a rush on the public schools by Hispanic families seeking to take their kids home early.  

Someone in the ESL department at the local community college decided to take things one step further.  It’s nice to advise people to not drive without a license.  That is something that should not be done on ANY day — regardless of whether or not ICE is in town.  

Usually, if you are following the law, you have nothing to worry about from the folks at ICE.  But issuing warnings like what is contained in this text is over the top.  ESL curriculums are for helping foreigners learn English, assimilate into our culture, and become productive law-abiding citizens.  Not for helping people get around our immigration laws and evade ICE agents. 

It’s amazing to hear these lefties holler about ONE American millionaire not paying his “fair share” of taxes, but then give millions of illegals evading taxes on a daily basis a big ol’ pass.

Central Carolina Community College is financed with our tax dollars.  The person who likely sent this text is PAID with our tax dollars.  It’s outrageous for someone to continue to be paid with our tax dollars while openly abetting an activity that has been  identified by our president and our federal government as a threat to our national security.

This text also borders on obstructing a law enforcement activity.   It’s illegal to tip people off that undercover cops are around the corner posing as drug dealers.  It’s illegal to tip people off about the location of a radar speed trap.  It’s illegal to tip people off that a certain address is to be raided by the police later tonight.

From the social justice warrior snowflake nonsense perpetrated by their basketball team during the playing of The National Anthem, to THIS, one has to wonder what in the hell is really going on at Central Carolina Community College.