Lee County pols apologize for, distance selves from ICE raid in Sanford


Relax, Lee County.  SOME of your gutless political leaders really want you to know they had NOTHING to do with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service’s Tuesday raid in Sanford aimed at actually enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.   HERE is the sheriff of Lee County:

*This wasn’t random.  This was something the feds cooked up.  We just came along for the ride at the last minute.*

And HERE is the mayor of Sanford:

*Nobody warned us about this.  (Who knows? We might have sent out text messages warning people if we had advance knowledge.)  The sheriff was kept in the dark about this too.  We Loooooooooove Latinos.  We’d never never never call in ICE to enforce the law or anything silly like that.*

When was the last time you saw politicians and local law enforcement work so hard to avoid getting credit for a high-profile operation resulting in multiple arrests?  

This is pathetic.