‘High Noon’ for Little Richard?

High Noon with Rep. Richard Hudson.  THAT is what Cabarrus9100644-Cartoon-cowboy-ready-to-draw-his-guns-in-a-gunfight-He-is-in-the-desert-Stock-Photo Conservative Alliance is calling their August 14th event at the congressman’s Concord offices:

During the 2014 election which saw the Republicans take back the Senate and increase
their majority in the House, we the people were made specific promises and assured
definite action on: repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty, ending tax payer funded
abortion, strengthening our military, and reining in the lawlessness of this current

Sadly, in the months since then we have seen Obamacare AND amnesty actually funded
by our GOP House majority through Cromnibus and other funding measures. We have seen
the Senate capitulate on defunding the inhumane crushing, dismemberment and selling
of unborn babies in the slaughterhouses of Planned Parenthood. We are on the verge
of creating a nuclear Iran which is intent on wiping “The Big Satan’” of the United
States and “The Little Satan” of the nation of Israel off the face of the earth.

We have watched our Republican majority double down on their impotency by adamantly
refusing to use their Constitutional power of the purse. All of this has happened
under the leadership of the current Speaker of the House John Boehner. We can be
certain that if John Boehner is allowed to continue as Speaker, given his vindictive
measures against Representatives who “get out of line” by actually attempting to
keep their word to their constituents, there is ZERO chance of any GOP Rephudson
keeping his campaign promises.

Representative Mark Meadows (11th District) understands this and has taken the bold
step to file a Motion to Vacate the office of Speaker and replace John Boehner with an effective leader who will uphold the principles of the Constitution and the platform of the Republican Party.

Replacing John Boehner as Speaker is the first and most obvious action which will
enable the GOP majority to begin to keep the promises they made to us during this
past election.

Representative Richard Hudson is now serving his second term as our US
Representative here in the 8th District. Just as our fellow North Carolinians are
using the August Congressional recess to meet at the offices of their
Representatives, we in the 8th District cannot let this opportunity pass. On
Friday, August 14th at 12 noon we will meet at Representative Hudson’s Concord
office at 325 McGill Ave #500 to present our concerns and hopefully hear his

CCA has some specific questions for Hudson: momoney

‘We want SPECIFIC answers, not platitudes and generalities, to these specific questions:

* We know that Representative Richard Hudson is firmly Pro Life. Therefore,
specifically WHAT is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to defund Planned
Parenthood? Does he think saving the lives of millions of unborn children is
actually worth shutting the government down?
* We know that Representative Richard Hudson is pro-military and for a strong
national defense. WHAT specifically is Richard Hudson willing to do in order to stop
the Iran Treaty from being enacted? Does he think it is worth shutting the
government down to protect the nation of Israel and to stop this treaty from going
forward? On the Democrat side we’ve already seen New York Senator Charles Schumer
sacrifice his potential political future in order to stand against this suicidal
treaty. Is our own 8th District Representative willing to take this same stand?
* Representative Hudson has stated he “opposed Meadows’ resolution, [saying] that it would divert attention from the Iran agreement.” WHY does Richard Hudson support the failed leadership of John Boehner and believe that he should retain the Speakership?

WHAT specific actions can Richard Hudson point to which demonstrate how John Boehner has shown strong leadership in upholding the Constitution, the GOP Platform and standing up to the current Administration? WHY does Richard Hudson think the GOP’s record of losing battle after battle will alter given the current Leadership?

Interesting stuff.  Good luck getting Hudson to speak ill of Boehner.  Boehner came down to campaign for him in 2012.  Hudson also has a lot of years experience as a Hill staffer.  So, he is in thick with Boehner & company.  

One more good question worth asking our little buddy Richard:  Why have you jumped on the bandwagon to scoop up cash from special interests who want to continue and expand government subsidies for solar energy?  

(After all, the NCGOP platform includes language opposing the government mandates that create the “demand” for solar power.)