#ncgop: Kristen Laster, on the job.

Kristen-LasterThe 2015 NCGOP platform calls for repealing the state’s renewable energy mandates.  (Those mandates have led to some serious cronyism and costly subsidies between politicians, solar companies and other alternative energy providers.)  Yet, the staff at NCGOP has hired a top lobbyist for those same environmental interests whose agenda contradicts the party platform.

There was a bit of a hubbub about that hiring decision at a recent NCGOP executive committee meeting.  A compromise was reached: the group would revisit the hiring decision in 30 days. 

Snip20150809_3Shortly after that meeting, the folks at Civitas filed a formal complaint with the state board of elections alleging all kinds of financial reporting improprieties on the part of Kristen Laster while she was in the employ of those environmental interests.

A further study of Laster’s lobbying record finds that she also flacked for subsidized housing, subsidized daycare, and gambling.  *All important parts of the GOP platform.*

So, let’s recap: serious charges in an elections board complaint, a record of financing Democrats and taking positions contradictory to the GOP platform, and serious dissension among the top ranks of party faithful.

The story was put out that things would be put on ice for thirty days.  But Laster has been added to the NCGOP web site section “Meet Our Team” and identified as “finance director.”  Strangely, though, they couldn’t find a picture of her.   She also has an official NCGOP email address. 

Kristen has even updated her LinkedIn profile with her new job title.


The grassroots can holler all they want, but it appears Raleigh insiders have settled this already.