Heritage Action: Jones top NCGOP conservative in DC; Ellmers, Tillis and Burr most liberal NCGOPers in Congress

capitolHeritage Action has updated (as of October 10 their Congressional score cards.   For the North Carolina delegation, Walter Jones is on top with a conservative ranking of 89 percent.  George Holding is a close second with 88 percent.  He is followed by the two Marks — Meadows and Walker — each with a score of 84 percent. 

Virginia Foxx (68%), Patrick McHenry (64%) and Renee Ellmers (60%) — the three in the delegation closest to House leadership –come away with the worst rankings among state Republicans  (The average score for all House Republicans is 68 percent.).   Here are the votes that the rankings are based on.

Overall in the House, congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) scored a perfect 100 percent.  Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) came in a close second at 99 percent. hac

In South Carolina’s delegation, Reps. Mick Mulvaney and Mark Sanford lead the pack with 91 percent conservative rankings.

Let’s roll over to the Senate.  Rookie Thom Tillis (R-NC) has rung up a 55 percent conservative ranking.  Our senior senator, Richard Burr, is stinking up the joint with a 39 percent ranking. Only SEVEN Senate Republicans are ranked to Burr’s left.

As a comparison, South Carolina’s Tim Scott ranks at 77 percent, while Lindsey Graham pulls a 44 percent ranking. 

 Overall in the Senate, Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) are leading the pack with perfect 100 percent scores.  Richard Shelby (R-AL) is close behind at 99 percent. 





40 thoughts on “Heritage Action: Jones top NCGOP conservative in DC; Ellmers, Tillis and Burr most liberal NCGOPers in Congress

  1. Speaking of congress, I’m curious of the effect that Jason Chaffetz run for the speakership will have. Will he and Daniel Webster compete for the exact same votes or will they together be able to reach a diverse enough group to block McCarthy’s attempt or at least force a second vote?

  2. So 40% of the time Renee Ellmers does not represent the people of District 2. They must be disappointed.

  3. Last time Heritage put out their rankings our esteemed senior senator’s voting record was closer to Barbara Boxer than to Ted Cruz.

  4. No wonder Boehner’s boys went after Walter Jones last time (and this time). There has never been any love lost between conservatives and John Boehner. Walter has stood up for the people and thereby made himself a target for the Washington beltway establishment.

  5. Well, it’s obvious that Kevin McCarthy is nothing but a Boehner Clone. KUDO’s to Jason Chaffetz, who has the cahones to call out the Obama Regime Clowns in the House Hearings. I hope he wins.
    My choice would be Trey Gowdy. But, he has said he’s not interested. This month, he will zero in on the Hildabeast, and her abject incompetence as Sec State during the Benghazi Scandal. (God Speed).
    Agreed, Ellmers, Tillis & Burr are huge disappointments. They campaigned as conservatives, but are voting as “:bend over and grab their ankles for Obama ” liberals.
    Tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail comes to mind.

    1. Ellmers, Tillis & Burr are dead to me. They will never get my vote again. I urge every conservative to vote with caution, make sure your vote counts.
      We need to vote every so called conservative out, lets do all we can to get REAL conservatives elected. Let them know if they get to Washington and turn political, we can attempt to impeach them-ASK FOR A PROMISE. Our country is waking up. Lets be part of the revolution.
      No votes for Ellmers, Tillis and Burr. Do you know how many times they voted with OBAMA–Find out, you will be shocked.
      Lets do our part to make our country great again.
      How many times have you wondered why good things don’t happen in Washington? PLEASE-Lets make drastic change. Our vote is powerful.

      1. Imagine if all of us who are so extraordinarily angry at all of the hacks that WE elected (Burr, Ellmers, Foxx, etc.), stopped spending all of our time writing, complaining and analyzing and actually DID something about it?? Imagine if each of us spent 15 minutes a day doing something to get Holmquist, Duncan, Curran, etc. ELECTED??

        We are the fools if we do NOTHING to stop these people and do NOTHING to support those who actually have the GUTS to do something about it.

        1. I have already contributed to two of the three above. If you are not in those congressional districts, send them a Benjamin. You can do it online on their websites.

        2. Even if these reps aren’t in your districts please donate to their campaigns. Pattie Curran needs your help

  6. this is sickening. These RINO traitors who thumb their nose at North Carolinian’s everyday need to be removed from power at all cost.

    If they end up again as the incumbent pugnuts I will, and recommend, that EVERY CONSERVATIVE in their district vote for the ….errr, cough, puke… demonrat!

    Yes! they are tricking us everyday, they are NOT who they say they are! They are liberals! This cycle of deceive and backstab has GOT TO END!

    1. Thom Tillis actually posted a reply to his constituents on his Facebook page about how pro life he is. Conservatives are in sad shape. Anyone interested his first response could not be copied. Was able to do the second. It can be found on the page which has him with 85000 + friends under the story about the military base. Conservatives are in BIG TROUBLE with leaders like this. This is Thom’s second response John Clevenger and Mathew Hemby. I only have one expectation for any friend or frienmy on this page. Do your homework. Bye

      1. Thom’s 1st response about how pro life he is when he just voted to fund PP.
        John Clevenger, Michael Seward et al. Your rhetoric and your inch deep knowledge of my background of past work on pro life policies are the greatest threat to our continued efforts to save the lives of the innocent unborn. Check the facts in North Carolina and stop attacking those whose actions have saved lives. Otherwise count yourself as one who threatens our continued progress.

      2. I noticed Thin skinned thommy deleted one of his 2 comments on Facebook. He must have sobered up!

  7. Being in Congress is America’s version of royalty. The participants will do anything to hold onto their treasures. The politicians we elect and send up there probably have good intentions, but once they arrive, they are bathed in opulence, They will do anything to hold onto that opulence. Principles become merely campaign talking points. It’s unlikely that a “true conservative” will fare any better. The temptations are too hard for any politician to resist. (After they’re elected, they stop being humans and become politicians.)

    Some of us who are disgusted and frustrated with our politicians have been known to threaten to vote with Democrats to punish the Republicans. Those comments are often met with the response, “You need to fight from within.” While that approach sounds good, it doesn’t work. “Within” is broken beyond repair. But to address the sentiment, why do we threaten to vote for Democrats since any Republican is better than any Democrat? The answer is clear: The Republicans lied to us and betrayed us. The Democrats are just being themselves. At one level, Democrats are more honest. The say what they are going to do, and they do it. We just don’t like what “it” is. It’s a sad situation.

    1. Fighting from wi;thin means taking them down in a primary, and that is the ideal way to deal with someone like Tricky Dick Burr. Burr and Ellmers are so bad that conservatives should not hold their nose to vote for the lesser of the two evils. If Tillis continues as he is, he will be that way, too, when his election comes up again in 2020. If we do not get Tricky Dick or Renegade Renee in the primary, then conservatives should either withhold their vote in the general election or vote for a minor candidate as a substitute for ”none of the above”.

      Richard Burr votes more like Teddy Kennedy than he does like Jesse Helms, and that is just unacceptable.

      1. John, I hear what you are saying and share your frustration, but what makes you think that a successful primary opponent who goes on to win the general will behave any differently? Once they get to Washington, the reality and pressure set it, and they go over to the dark side. It’s happening over and over again.

        These candidates espouse conservatism at election time, and the uninformed voters accept the lies and vote for them. Look at the re-election rate for incumbents.

        I’m not arguing with you. I’m hoping that you have even the faintest glimmer of hope that I’m not able to see from where I sit.

        1. Yond, we just have to find candidates that have integrity.
          Voting liberal is out of the question for me and voting is my duty.

          1. “Yond, we just have to find candidates that have integrity.”

            How? We thought the ones we elected had integrity.

            “Voting liberal is out of the question for me and voting is my duty.”

            You have to go where your conscience takes you, as do I.

          2. We can start with the most vulnerable…members of the House who have to answer to us every two years. Prime example is Mark Walker. Kenn Kopf is going to challenge him on the grounds that Walker sold us out on day 1 with his vote for Boehner (when Walker implied during the campaign that he would not), amd his failure to consistently advance the conservative agenda. Will Kopf be different once elected? We don’t know. But we do know what Walker is, and we’re letting ourselves down if we re-elect Walker instead, which is a de facto stamp of approval of his record.

          3. All of the Boehner Republicans need primaries. Remember that Boehner campaigned in the primary for Rouzer and Eric Cantor was heavily involved in Hudson’s first primary in the 8th.

        2. Yond, that is why we need more direct democracy so we dont have to have so much blind faith in our elected officials.

    2. I agree with most of the comments. We have got to find a way to keep the elected honest. A few more years they will be back with excuses and lies. Don’t vote for them unless they have been honest. I do believe if we vote them out after their first term the voters will send a message, be honest or pack up and go home.
      Our country and our state is not improving–what is wrong with holding the elected to facing IMPEACHMENT. If the laws of our government prohibit such action-then change the laws. I am hoping for a better future for my grandchildren.

  8. I have nothing positive to say about the three mentioned in this article. I changed to being an unaffiliated voter with Burr’s shenanigans (Voting like a Democrat) before 2012 election. Tillis was/is no better. I held my nose and once again got taken in by the NCGOP. No more. Tillis needs to be recalled…he has not made good any of his campaign promises. My comcern is also with such stalwart “Republicans” as thhose who have sold us out in the House of representatives, led by Virginia Foxx. My shining star is Walter B. Jones followed by Meadows. Too bad the rest of the “representatives” are so busy playing CYA with the Boehner group. VOTE them ALL out who are not conservative.

  9. oh yeah, speaking of 2016 Senate elections, WHEN in the heck are the NC democrats going to nominate the Reverend Wm. Barber as their US Senate candidate? No other NC democrat has the name recognition of our loyal servant, the Reverend Barber. And he already knows how to redistribute money to his nonprofits.

  10. How quickly Conservatives forget! Jason Chaffetz is the Boehner Mafia! He is the one who removed Mark Meadows in the beginning off the ways and means comittee because of his non support! Chaffez Blows!

    1. Chaffetz was first elected by defeating an incumbent in a primary, complaining that the incumbent was pro-amnesty. But, like Marco Rubio, after getting to DC, he decided to join the Chamber of Commerce crowd backing amnesty, too. What a phony. His voting record is marginally better than McCarthy, but Webster is a better choice. I wish Jim Jordan would run, as he is head and shoulders above all three.

  11. (Being in Congress is America’s version of royalty. The participants will do anything to hold onto their treasures. The politicians we elect and send up there probably have good intentions, but once they arrive, they are bathed in opulence, They will do anything to hold onto that opulence.)
    Yond, you have hit the nail on the head! The corruption of Sodom and Gomorrah (Washington) will defeat the best conservative intentions.
    The perks, the best (not Obamacare – that’s for us Peons) health care that OUR money can buy, the millions from the lobbyists, the prostitutes (male and female), and the luxurious “fact finding” trips to the world’s most exclusive resorts; and the fact that 96% of them will get re-elected, no matter how corrupt.
    Those who hold true to the cause (like Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Trey Gowdy and a few others are treated like Lot, and the prophets of the Old Testament. They are mocked and ridiculed for having the temerity to do what we voters put them in office for.
    What’s the answer? I dunno. But a Constitutional Amendment mandating Term Limits for these Congressional crooks would go a long way, as well as “recall elections” in the various states, to shit can these lying scum bags who go back on their campaign promises..

    1. Ok, but realize that term limits will only work if the term is limited to one. That would mean that the House would have to extend the term to (probably) four years. If you have a two-term limit, the first term is spent running for reelection and making promises with taxpayer money, or so a brilliant politician In California told me. I know. Oxymoron.

      1. You’re on the right track, Yond.
        The first step is a “Term Limits” Amendment to the Constitution. A provision of said amendment would be the Equalization Clause, ergo: all terms are for four years. Thus: no “mid-term” elections.
        The second provision is that you get two terms in office, then, you’re out. Two in the House, two in the Senate, or one in each House or Senate, then one in the White House (or two in the white House, if you’re not from Congress). You may not run for any other Federal office thereafter.
        The third provision of said amendment is that all “lobbyists” would be banned from Capitol Hill, under threat of (mandatory minimum)n ten years in prison, with a caveat that they will be assigned to Cell Block D, with “Leroy and Tookie” (who haven’t had any conjugal visits) as cell mates. .
        That would eliminate these “Inside the beltway” career prostitutes, who ignore the voters, revel in their exorbitant salaries and lifetime benefits (that most of us can only dream about), and maybe (just maybe) they would do “the business of the people” for a change.

  12. If you combine the comments in this thread, you get the following “wish list” for the perfect conservative candidate–

    1) Listen and respond to constituents
    2) Always vote conservatively
    3) Courage to fight for our country and not be intimidated or influenced by McConnell or Boehner
    4) Live under the same laws they pass for everyone else
    5) Promise to do–and then actually DO–the right thing
    6) Always tell the truth
    7) Fight for the unborn and against Planned Parenthood
    8) Disinterested in “perks” of serving in Congress (money, power, ego, etc)
    9) Don’t “go over to the dark side”
    10) Honesty with voters
    11) Unafraid to use impeachment
    12) Immune from corruption
    13) Favor term limits

    A long list, but not impossible. In fact, I commit here and now to abide by this wish list when I’m serving in the U.S. Senate. But to get there, I need your help.

    Kim’s comment above was especially appropriate. Those of us who are challenging Richard Burr and other “phony” conservatives need as much help (prayer, manpower, and financial) as we can get. Go to our websites, read up on us, and get in the game! Call, email, text, whatever–but get off the couch and help us take back the House, Senate, White House, and country!

    My website is- http://www.holmquist4senate.com

    Go there, get my contact info, and reach out to me. And if you want proof that I’ll go to DC and do what’s right for you, your family, and our nation, I’ll put you in touch with folks who have known me 20-30-40 years, who will tell you the passion, energy, and fight I have for saving our country!

    Thank you!

    Larry Holmquist
    Republican Candidate for U.S Senate

    1. Larry it would be great to have a Senator from NC that would live up to that list. A Senator that would have a 100% rating like Ted Cruz but from North Carolina. This is a great goal to set for your campaign and our state

      1. If Burr had made the same post here when he was running, your response may well have been the same. (I’m not being critical of you or Larry.) We gave Burr the benefit of the doubt, and he failed us. What sort of questions should we be asking or what sort of research should we be doing to satisfy ourselves that anyone running for office (not to single Larry out) will not betray us once in office? I don’t think there’s any way to protect ourselves.

        1. Call me, Yond, and let’s have a long talk (336-288-6058). I’ll answer every question you have about me, how I’ll vote in the Senate, and how I’ll fight every day to save our nation.

          I sincerely want you to feel comfortable about voting for me on March 15th.

          Larry Holmquist

  13. Y’all are hilarious. I don’t know what world you live in where you can believe what has been proposed above will do anything but more harm to this nation. The problem is not simply that politicians do not represent their voters, it has become more so that they live in a world of fear. Fear from leadership if they do not vote along side the party, fear from voters that if they are not “conservative” or “liberal” enough that they will be primaried and run out of office. It baffles me the comments about Ellmers and Burr. They went to Washington to do exactly what hey are doing. Provide representation for the citizens of their district. How does a politician do this? By working with others not by fighting against everyone. Burr is the chairman of the intelligence committee, he is on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee, and on the Finance committee. He is a senior member of the Senate. What does that mean for the state of NC? It means more money, it means more opportunity, it means more representation of the people of NC. Ellmers went to congress on the Tea Party movement and realized that the best thing she could do for her constituents. What is that? Work with the Speaker of the House to best allow the voices of her constituents to be heard.

    The problem with Washington these days is that no one is willing to compromise. there is no more meeting in the middle. My way or the highway, and who suffers with that? The American People!

    It is a scary thought, having a congress where members are there for one or two terms. it is a scary thought of Washington with out lobbyists present. Politicians may be good business people, good doctors, good lawyers, or even good finance executives. Being one of these does not make them experts in everything. Being one of them does not allow for experience to be carried over the years. So then what, Washington has one or two term limits, no lobbyists. Who then is in charge? The staff? Has anyone here even been to Washington? Because everything is so highly scrutinized staff members can not be paid what they are worth and so what happens is that a bunch of very intelligent kids straight out of college are hired and leave as soon as they learn that they can be paid 3 or 4 times what they currently make.

    The United States of America was at its best when intelligence trumped grandstanding. When compromise was more valuable than intransigence.

  14. “Imagine if each of us spent 15 minutes a day doing something to get Holmquist, Duncan, Curran, etc. ELECTED?? ”
    Agreed. I donated to Tillis’ and Ellmers’ campaigns. But the old saying goes something like: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”
    Ellmers and Tillis sounded like two Conservative Messiahs during their campaigns, but once submerged in the Washington cesspool, they developed cases of Acute Amnesia.
    Whom are we to believe?

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