#ncgop: Gettin’ all stupid up in here!

”Yo, you don’t even know what stupid is.  It’s about to get all stupid up in here!
 Michael Scott, Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co. 


All of the spin about unity and harmony coming out of Raleigh doesn’t appear to be reaching the grassroots folks out in the real world.  Here’s a little love note from Hal and Raynor James of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association: 

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Hold on to your hats. This is ugly, and your help is needed.

A new chapter in the HB 373, SB 119 (shadow parties in the NC House and Senate, plus additional shadow parties in the Council of State for the Governor) fiasco has been revealed today.

Like many of you, we got an email purporting to come from NC GOP Chairman, Hasan Harnett today speaking of party unity and explaining that the affiliated party committees would not be activated.Snip20151002_1

We replied countering the arguments that everything is all right, and stating in no uncertain terms what we believe the real situation is and why. (We’ll send you a copy of that email if you’d like it.)

We got a reply, not from Hasan, but from Dallas Woodhouse who said, “Thanks for your comments. We are working to keep all the republican elements together making the law changes moot.”

A proper translation of that email might read, “The RINO establishment has succeeded in usurping control of the NC GOP, so it will be unnecessary to activate the affiliated party committees unless the grassroots gets control back.”mo

We talked to a friend who had gotten exactly the same reply from Dallas Woodhouse when he tried to reply to Hasan Harnett and smelled a rat, so we wrote to Hasan on his personal email. That led to a long phone conversation.

Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix have been “played” by the RINO establishment.

In most state parties, the party chairman selects his or her staff. They select an Executive Director and pull together an office staff, and the team thus formed works effectively together.

North Carolina is odd in that regard. The Central Committee hires the Executive Director and he/she hires the staff. Games were played in the Central Committee. The top 5 candidates for Executive Director were to be interviewed, but somehow the 6th candidate on the list was interviewed as if he had been one of the top 5, and (are you ready for this?), he was hired. He is the aforementioned Dallas Woodhouse.

The rest of the staff is left over from the prior team.michele-and-hasan-e1433772184264

Guess what? The new Executive Director, Dallas Woodhouse, and the rest of the “team” have frozen Hasan out. They have changed the passwords and user names on the email accounts, and Hasan cannot sign checks. How’s that for a helpful staff?

The RINO establishment types have been prodding Hasan to raise funds, and at the same time they’ve been asking the usual big donors to hold back on donations, so they can chastise Hasan for “failure to be a good fund raiser.” The truth is that the GOP is in about the usual situation with respect to funds raised at this time in the campaign cycle. This is an artificially created situation. The establishment is trying to manufacture a crisis and use it to do what they’ve been planning to do ever since Hasan and Michele were elected.

Hasan has never received a salary as Chairman, and to put the icing on the cake, the Central Committee has refused to continue paying his travel expenses. So here’s their message to Hasan, “Don’t travel. Don’t have control of your office and email. Do raise money. Why haven’t you raised it yet?” If you were faced with that situation, would you find the job doable?IMG950442

So what are we going to do about it? Let’s email (hasan.harnett@gmail.com) and call (704-526-9432) Hasan and ask him to set up a new bank account to work with. Let’s send him $5, $10, or whatever we can afford regularly. Let’s ask Hasan what else we can volunteer to do that will help.

Let’s also get this information to as many people as we can and urge them to do the same. Let’s form our own network of support to help Hasan help Constitutional conservative candidates get elected, and let’s shine bright sunlight on the evil deeds of the schemers. It’s time their divisive tactics are exposed.

Yours in freedom,
Hal and Raynor James

You hear a lot of talk about RINOs and GOPe.   We got our hands on an email that clearly illustrates just who those people are.  The writer is Garry Terry, chairman of the First Congressional District GOP. (You know the First District?  That GOP hotbed? Butterfield-Land?) He appears to be responding to Hal and Raynor’s email above:RINO123

I received the email below from a friend of mine. Please read it before you read any further. Until the email that the Chairman sent Saturday morning publically attacking the Central Committee, I was hoping that there was a way forward with his leadership.

At this point, I don’t see it.  My reason for wanting to hire an ED on Saturday was to reassure investors in our party, our elected leaders and the public at large that we are able to lead the way to victory in next year’s election.

The hiring of an ED with experience could certainly help an inexperienced Chairman at a crucial time when he needs it most.

Right now, Roy Cooper and those running against the Lt Gov need to be receiving attacks on an almost daily basis.

Instead, I now believe that divisions in the Party largely caused by the election of an inexperienced chairman are going to cause us to lose the Governor’s office and much more because we can’t get our act together.

I’m tired of seeing this crap going on. If he can’t get up to speed, he should step down. The disrespect of David Lewis on Saturday could have and should have been addressed by the Chairman of our Party.

But he fueled it with the email he sent out attacking the General Assembly. And now someone thinks anyone is going to come to our Hall of Fame Banquet?

Again, I say – that is not his job. If he was an effective leader, he could have lobbied behind closed doors and possibly have kept it from happening at all.rino

David Lewis deserves the respect of those who were mad at him. I know what he has done. The Chairman obviously doesn’t.

The big question that everyone should be asking is WHY the General Assembly did what they did. The answer to that question should be more important than anything else.

And I believe that answer points directly to the leadership of our Party.  Furthermore, I believe the Chairman used the whole ugly thing as a way to gain admiration and attention among the grassroots of the Party.

And that’s my beef with him. If you reread the email he sent out Saturday morning, it seems more about him than the Party. The Chairman had the opportunity to be one of the very best state party chairmen in the nation.

But instead of keeping experienced staff, including an outstanding ED, he has chosen the path of division. The tactic of trying to turn the grassroots of the Party against the Central Committee is absolutely despicable and he owes the Committee a public apology. Obviously that isn’t going to happen.mcrory_grin1

So, why not? Those of us who sit on this committee have invested a lot of time and money to gain the trust of those who elected us.  When you compare that to a Chairman who’s only claim to fame is that he SAID that he was a TEA Party conservative, something doesn’t add up.

If he is, my question is who, what, when and where? Prior to his election, I couldn’t find it.

Those of us who have been involved with Party politics and structure want to maintain control of this State. Instead, the Chairman has embarked on a statewide love tour. Admiration by followers gives everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling, but that doesn’t elect Republicans.

Decisions we made Saturday are being turned against us……again, the reason is more about the Chairman than the Party.

Many of us have worked very hard to make the NC GOP look like America. Sadly, the race card is also coming in this. But, I have no regrets for the decisions we made Saturday.mouth

Do you think it’s easy or enjoyable going against the Chairman of this Party? No, it’s not.  Although I did not vote for him, I saw a world of possibilities with his election and had hoped that he would succeed and would be able to lead us to victory.

I have a loving heart, but also foresight and a very determined interest that we maintain the Party’s control of the State. Leadership is knowing when you’ve failed.
Garry Terry

First, COMPETENCE – or the lack thereof — in the governor’s office — is going to have a bigger impact on the 2016 statewide elections.  Second, his “Hall of Fame” banquet is item #88777777799 on the list of top priorities for North Carolina and America right now.   And “control of the state”?   What about the enacting the planks of the party platform?  How about rolling back the power of the state and increasing individual freedom?  

Boy have we gone off course from the days of Ronald Reagan.  The GOP appears to have completely forgotten what brought them back from the wilderness in 1980.