#nc-03: Emerson Electric, Boehner tag-teaming Walter Jones?

That’s what it looks like.  Take a gander at this invitation for a September 29 fundraiser in DC for Jones’s primary opponent, *local boy* Taylor Griffin:

Subject: Fwd: Taylor Griffintg

Please Join

Jim Carter
John Green
Will Kinzel
Hunter Moorhead
Jeff Strunk
Emerson Responsible Government Fund

For a Reception Honoring
Republican Candidate for NC3
September 29th,2015  5:00 PM
Bobby Van’s Steak House
809 15th Street,NW
Washington, DC

$2500/PAC Host, $1000/Individual Host $1000/PAC,$250/Individual
Please make checks payable to:

Taylor Griffin for Congress
PO Box 3451New Bern, NC 28564taylorboehner

Kindly RSVP by contacting Tandy Harrison at H2 CapitalConsulting Group.Phone: (202) 904-8005 | Email: tharrison@h2ccdc.com

PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY TAYLOR GRIFFIN FOR CONGRESS Contributions to Taylor Griffin for Congress are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. […]

Okay, let’s start with the hosts.  Jeff Strunk and Will Kinzel are both recently-departed from the staff of Speaker John Boehner.  Kinzel is the head lobbyist for Delta Airlines, while Strunk is with the predominantly Democrat Forbes-Tate lobbying firm.
capitolWhat’s throwing us for a loop is Emerson Electric’s interest in this race. Their corporate PAC was a sponsor of the event.  Jim Carter, another event host, is VP for Government Affairs (a/k/a LOBBYIST) for Emerson. 
Hunter Moorhead is EVP of DC-based Crossroads Strategies.
H2 Capital Consulting appears to be a campaign consulting firm specialiing in fundraising.  (The domain name tied to the email address above goes back to GoDaddy — not an actual web site for an actual consulting company.) 
$2500 for steak?  It MUST be good.  (But you have to go to DC to get it.) 

4 thoughts on “#nc-03: Emerson Electric, Boehner tag-teaming Walter Jones?

  1. Walter Jones reliably votes against amnesty and any pro-illegal alien or anti-U.S. sovereignty bill EVERY TIME. That’s all I need to know.

    1. Walter Jones also votes against every debt increase bill and every big spending Obama-oriented federal budget.

      Taylor Griffin is a Boehner Republican.

  2. Bring it don’t sing it! Jones has an Army of folks covering every poll this time, its going to be ugly, especially with Phil Law in the mix…

  3. I’m joining Walter Jones on Oct 12th at the Hilton in Greenville where his special guest will be Congressman Dave Brat.

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