Hagan: “Dahling, she loves you but give her Park Avenue …”




US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) just can’t stay away from the ritzy, limousine-liberal enclave on Park Avenue in Noo Yawk City. The pantsuited-Greensborian is appearing to morph into Eva Gabor’s character Lisa Douglas in that American television classic “Green Acres.”   We’ve documented the northward travels of Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ previously, but this one was so fabulous it got written up on a tony, frou-frou New Yawk web site:

Hillary Clinton is careful to avoid discussion of her plans for 2016, but other female Democrats—particularly her former Senate colleagues—have no such compunction. 

“All of the Senate Democratic women have written her a letter encouraging her to run,” Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina told a crowd of more than 200 women at 583 Park in New York City on Monday afternoon. 

Hagan was one of the featured guests at a panel discussion hosted by Emily’s List, the political group dedicated to electing female Democrats, which brought together a handful of its candidates from around the country.

The group has been hosting a series of “Madam President” forums to promote the idea of electing a woman president, and while Monday’s event wasn’t technically part of that series, the prospect of Hillary 2016 hung over the proceedings.

Behind the panelists were two banners with the faces of a dozen female leaders, including Clinton, and the event’s press materials featured Clinton at the top of the list of “Women We’re Watching” for 2016. (Second on the list was New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand.)

Stephanie Schriock, the group’s president, touted the Madam President program, and said “this network will help the nation elect its first woman president … and its second, and its third.”

Clinton didn’t come up until near the end of the panel discussion—after a broader conversation about how women address self-doubt, compromise, and power—when the moderator, Cosmpolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, asked the panel whether they support Clinton.

“It’s hard for me to imagine her not doing it,” said Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania, who is running for governor next year.

“Absolutely,” said Gina Raimondo, the general treasurer of Rhode Island.

“Add me to the ‘Yes’ list,” said Hagan, after mentioning the letter she signed with her colleagues.

So, the Sock Puppet thinks Hillary needs to follow Barry Obama at 1600 Penn?  *Nice. *

(Clinton mentioned the bond she formed with her female colleagues during a speech in Buffalo last week.)

In the meantime, Emily’s List is trying to keep incumbents like Hagan, who faces a tough re-election race in North Carolina, while expanding the number of women in the Senate.

“More women than ever in history voted for Democrats” in 2012, Schriock said, noting that if female senators could be elected in 2014, the Democratic caucus would be 50 percent women. (The group has endorsed six Senate candidates so far.)

“The Republican Party doesn’t just lack women, it doesn’t even seem to like them,” she added. 

I took a quick poll around Haymaker HQ.  We ALL dig the ladies.  (But not this crowd.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Emily’s List group —  think of your ex-wife and her loud, overbearing, hirsute mother.) MORE:

[…] Schriock introduced the featured speaker, Ohio state senator Nina Turner, to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Roar” (later reprised for panelist introductions too).

“Ladies, this is for you,” she added. “If God made anything better than a woman, He must have kept it to himself.”

In her brief, rousing remarks, she pulled on her time in the State Senate, Dante’s Inferno, and her grandmother’s wisdom.

“We do not need more legislative or executive daddies to tell us what to do with our bodies,” she said, to laughter and applause.

She ended with a simple request: “Please give more to EMILY’s List.”


2 thoughts on “Hagan: “Dahling, she loves you but give her Park Avenue …”

  1. Mrs. Clinton mentioned the bond she formed with her female colleagues which leaves one to question,” What about the bond with Chris?” That is how she referred to our brutally murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and the 4 brave seals. She called him “Chris” so we would make the connection that she had a special bond. She also called Bassar Assad of Syria a “reformer” as he brutally murdered his people. Mrs. Clinton and the administration enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to enrich and strengthen Iran, Al Quaeda, & Hizbullah. That the Obama administration with Mrs. Clinton forged the most hostile American admin. Israel has ever known and the junior senator from NC is giddily endorsing her is all any of us need to help Greg Brannon defeat Hagan. Which leads me now to talk about corn beef sandwiches and New York.
    Yes. I’m a Nu Yawker (born in the Bronx). Everything WAS better in New York. We are 1 of the original 13 colonies. Upstate NY, the Atlantic ocean and The Stage Deli. Long story short: The progressives took over because RINO’s allowed it. Rudy Guilliano cleaned up decades of democrat policies but now if the anti-Semitic Sandanista supporting DeBlasio running for Mayor wins, New York will be Detroit.
    Democrat policies destroy the economy. All the proof you need is the greatest corn beef sandwich EVAH came out of the Stage Deli that closed last year after 75 years.
    If G-d made anything better than a woman—-It would be one of the Stage’s sandwiches, which leads me back to why we need a woman to run. We don’t. We need the ” best” person. We don’t care about gender or color. You don’t choose your surgeon by the color of their skin. Judging from female congressional leaders from Wasserman-Schultz, Pelosi,Lee, Collins, Elmers etc none of these people are more qualified or brilliant than Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

  2. Elissa, Hillarie’s bond isn’t with Chris but with Beelzebub. By the way does the Stage also do Pastrami sandwiches? Last time in NY I hard time finding anyone who could speak “conservative”. My guess is that you might be one who can. Now I live in NC.

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