Greg Murphy has “the evidence”.

Greg Murphy has certainly made things interesting since getting elected to Congress to replace the late Walter Jones.

Who can forget the time he took to social media to inform us that no one has sex against their will?  Or when Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) basically called him a eunuch?  Or, better yet, the time he got caught on video apparently trying to bully his colleague Matt Gaetz (R-FL)?  It’s all quite a transformation for a guy who first campaigned with Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, claimed to have been transformed by reading ‘The Conscience of a Conservative’,  proclaimed himself a born-again conservative and pledged to join The Freedom Caucus when he got to DC.

Well, Murphy recently appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, and — well — here’s what happened:

Rep. Greg Murphy suspects that President Biden was “on something” for his State of the Union speech in March based on his performance.

“I was in the State of the Union address, and Joe Biden must have been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint and actually have a little bit of good knowledge that happened,” Mr. Murphy, North Carolina Republican, said on Fox Business Thursday.

“He can’t stand, and he can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long,” he said.

Mr. Murphy, the only practicing surgeon in Congress, is co-chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus and of the Congressional Academic Medicine Caucus. 

He told host Maria Bartiromo that he believes Mr. Biden was given some kind of drug “to sustain the vigor that he had.”

“That was not Joe Biden. I was in there. He screamed for two hours,” he said.

He suggested if he talked with Ms. Bartiromo “offline” he would show her some “evidence” that Mr. Biden was given something before the address.[…] 


[…] When asked if the president took medicine for the speech, Mr. Murphy said Mr. Biden had gotten a facelift and that he’s being “manufactured and puppeteered by the Democratic Party to be president.”

“I fully believe that has to do sometimes with pharmacology,” he said. […]

Okay.  For the record, Murphy is a urologist.