Feds dumping border-crossing kids in the Carolinas

wallThe Department of Homeland Security is pretty much ignoring the flood of illegals pouring across our southern border.  But they have PLENTY of time and manpower to go raid the home of THIS Statesville couple and seize their car over EPA emission standards. 

There has been quite a bit of eye-rolling over a recent vote by the Brunswick County board of commissioners taking a stand against harboring illegals.  But a federal database is revealing that nearly 1200 of the *little darlings* pouring over the border have already been secretly, quietly dumped within the Tar Heel State.   (South Carolina has only been *blessed* with 350 of those kids.) 

WatchDog Wire has more:

What would you say if you read that 1,191 illegal immigrant children arrested at the southern border this year are being housed in North Carolina and taxpayers don’t have a clue about where?

From Catholic Charities to nonprofit agencies that deal with refugees and undocumented children and adults, few will tell. When Watchdog Wire contacted the Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Charities, we were told plans were being formulated, but we should inquire in a month or so.

Even Governor Pat McCrory says “communications have been very, very poor” about who these illegal immigrants are, where they are going and who their sponsors are.crowd

In an interview with Fox and Friends on July 26, the governor brought up the fact that he and other governors spoke to the new HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell a couple weeks ago, and they were informed that many of the sponsors are undocumented illegal immigrants.

McCrory says the lack of investigation of sponsors means that states which accept these youth will be permanently responsible for them. He said the likelihood that undocumented sponsors will return the children back to immigration officials to be deported is slim.

In a letter addressed to the President and dated July 22, six non-border state governors including McCrory, wrote about the detrimental impact this migration of illegal immigrants will bring to their states.

We are concerned that there will be significant numbers who will end up using the public schools, social services and health systems largely funded by the states. More importantly, we are concerned that the failure to return the unaccompanied children will send a message that will encourage a much larger movement towards our southern border. We fear that this will put a significant number of children at risk of abuse and neglect on their journey to the United States.

Folks, we are ON OUR OWN.

8 thoughts on “Feds dumping border-crossing kids in the Carolinas

  1. This is an outrage. These invaders need to be sent home. The vast majority of these ”children” are teenagers, or older who claim to be teenagers. Teenagers in those countries would be the prime age for gang involvement, and even those discovered to be gang members are being dispersed throughout the country. Also they are not being properly screened medically like a legal immigrant would be and are known to sometimes be carrying serious diseases.

    As to those ”charities” who are facilitating this invasion, they ought to be blacklisted and shunned by all contributors. We should certainly make sure that they get no state or local government money.

  2. All conservative voters need to be asking the question as to why Thom Tillis is missing in action on this issue?

    1. Exactly. Even Hagan came out and said she did not support Obama waving his magic amnesty wand and conferring deportation deferrals and work permits to illegals in the absence of Congressional action.

      1. Hagan will say anything to distance herself from Obama on any issue to get herself re elected. But she will do nothing to stop or punish him for his actions, and after the election go back to completely supporting him. Don’t be fooled

        1. We all know that Hagan, if reelected would be even more of a rubber stamp for Obama even than she has been to this point.

          The question is, though, why is Tillis AWOL on this issue, especially when polling shows that standing firm against illegal immigration is far and away the number one issue this election among GOP voters?

          We know we cannot trust Hagan. Tillis’ baggage leaves real questions about trusting him on this issue. If he is going to have any chance of winning, he needs to try to convince conservative voters to at least have enough trust in him to take a chance on voting for him. Staying silent does NOT do that. His advisors seem to be as dense as Romney’s advisors.

  3. In other words, Obama and the Democrats are going to pay illegal aliens up to $7,000 of taxpayer funds each year to house their own new arrivals??

  4. Rest assurred, Catholic Chairities at the Diocese of Raleigh are happily facilitating these “children”. There can NEVER be too many Hispanics in NC by our Bishop’s standards. Thse who run Catholic Chairities do not concern themselves with a smalll matter like “legality”. These are “Children” who need our help. I am surprised that the call to house the children in our homes has not been issued. Gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. Good, then we have a couple of boys age around 16 or 17 with tattoo’s that have MS-13 gang meanings of things like, served time in prison, raped a young girl, murdered someone, and so much more. We can call on you and your wife and three daughters ages, 8, 10 & 12 to open your homes to these children from Central America. You forgot to address you phone number so we can call on you good neighbor, please respond we are waiting to hear from you.

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