#NCSEN: A NEW Tillis campaign fund

momoneyWe’ve been keeping an eye on the FEC web site. We’ve seen a couple of extra Thom Tillis-affiliated organizations pop up, but one of the extras is finally seeing some money roll in.  The “Thom Tillis Victory Committee” pulled in about $67,000 in contributions during the month of June from TEN people.

Brian Pratt of Dallas, TX, CEO and Chairman of the Board of  Primoris Services, tossed $12,600 into the speaker’s Senate campaign.  Primoris offers services related to the engineering and construction of utility-related projects.  

Maurice Gallarda of Lewisville, TX, CEO of Pluris Holdings, also tossed $12,600 into the Tillis campaign coffers.  Pluris specializes in “domestic utility ownership.”

Gary Wilson, a “a private investor” from Los Angeles, CA, donated $5,200 to the Tillis group. tillis listen

Patrick Odell Rayes, “self employed” in “oil and gas investments” in Dallas, TX, donated $10,000 to the Tillis group.

George Sywassink, a Hilton Head resident at the center of an earlier Tillis controversy, donated $2,600 to the group.

Richard Workman, CEO of Heartland Dental in Effingham, IL, donated $12,600 to the Tillis group.   Heartland had a run-in with the North Carolina Dental Board in 2011.  North Carolina’s General Assembly has recently debated the influence of dental practice management companies within the state.


5 thoughts on “#NCSEN: A NEW Tillis campaign fund

  1. It’s gonna be a 200 Million Dollar election when it’s all said and done. 100,000,000.00 per side

    Heck Wake County DEM Party is running the national DEM party $ for Kay Hagan. they have raised $1,045,000.00 through June 30th per the FEC report Most of it went to PAYROLL and RENT. They spent $1,005,000.00 in the same time period

  2. Has Tillis made any comment about the southern invasion and Obama’s Welfare Refugee Program?

    1. Tillis is already of thin ice with conservative voters on the illegal immigration issue, after ramming through a bill gutting e-Verify in North Carolina and telling the NC Farm Bureau that he supported ”a pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens. Add to that the political green stamps he owes the stridently pro-amnesty US Chamber of Commerce and pro-amnesty poo-bah Karl Rove for the millions they threw in to make sure he won the primary.

      Tillis is already not trusted by conservatives on this issue and his silence is ominous. Oh, and a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation now shows that taking a firm stand against illegal immigration has become far and away the number one issue for GOP voters in 2014. Does Tillis have complete knuckleheads as consultants?

  3. It’s the old establishment Golden Rule: “Those with the gold rule.” As always, just follow the money.

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