Keep that PC-ness coming: New UNC BOG boss a big fan of “diversity”

uncIf you thought the GOP takeover of Raleigh was going to loosen the leftist stranglehold on the UNC system and strike a blow against political correctness, THINK AGAIN.  The UNC Board of Governors — appointed by the governor and legislature, all Republicans — has elected a new chairman.    Charlotte attorney John Fennebresque  — a big political donor and vice-chairman of legal powerhouse McGuireWoods — will be running the university system’s governing body.  If he runs the university system like his law firm has been run, the granola-ites in the faculty lounges across the state should be thrilled. 

McGuireWoods LOVES it some diversity.  It loves “diversity” so much that it has devoted  roughly 1/6th of its corporate web site to the concept. The firm has a “diversity & inclusion committee,”  “Lawyers of Color and LGBT Lawyers retreats,’‘ as well as “diversity awards.”  And, if that’s not enough for you: 

McGuireWoods is committed to diversity & inclusion within our firm, the legal profession and our communities. The firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is led by Jacquelyn Stone, the first African-American Woman to become a partner at the firm.hes

A full report of McGuireWoods’ diversity initiatives can be viewed in the 2013 Annual Diversity & Inclusion Report.

The firm has five lawyer networks to support the success of diverse and women lawyers. Our networks include the African-American Lawyers Network, the Asian Pacific Lawyers Network, the Hispanic/Latino Lawyers Network, the LGBT Lawyers Network and the Women’s Lawyers Network. The largest of these is our Women Lawyers Network. The chairs of the lawyer networks sit on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

McGuireWoods supports diversity & inclusion in many ways, including:

Our diversity & inclusion initiatives have received numerous awards, including the Minority Corporate Counsel Association’s inaugural Innovator Award in recognition of the firm’s Lawyers of Color and LGBT Lawyers Retreats. We also have been recognized as Working Mother/Flex-Time “50 Best Law Firms for Women” for five years. Equality Illinois has recognized McGuireWoods as one of the top law firms in Illinois to show a growing commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusiveness in the workplace.

5 thoughts on “Keep that PC-ness coming: New UNC BOG boss a big fan of “diversity”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of explaining there… really, they could have saved a lot of space and typing by just putting a single, blanket statement up:

    “We make it our policy to value people differently based on the color of their skin and their gender, instead of just merit and the content of their character”.

    The absurdity and irony of this kind of thinking is funny AND sad. 🙂

    1. Actually, I find it to be rather sick and twisted. You summed it up perfectly –

      “We make it our policy to value people differently based on the color of their skin and their gender, instead of just merit and the content of their character”.

      1. Yeah, thanks.

        To clarify, I meant “funny” in that such people fall all over themselves to act and think and get so puffed up and proud of what they perceive is the “approved” and “good” way to behave towards other people, when they’re really just showing us the exact opposite.

        Cause seriously… people of other races and genders and socioeconomic backgrounds… they’re “people”. Treat them like actual people… it’s kind of enough. 🙂 You dont have to actually engage in reverse prejudice and reverse racism and reverse sexism in order to oppose prejudice, racism, and sexism – they arent opposites, they’re the same thing.

        And it’s sad that such yes, warped and twisted views can so easily live in the hearts and minds of so many.

  2. I suspect this firm probably does not value diversity of thought. If you happen to be a conservative, you need not apply. That is the big message I would get from all that gibberish on their website.

    Was this dude a Tillis appointee or a Berger appointee, or did he come from the Governors office. Since he is from Charlotte, I am betting he is a Tillis guy. Is this the sort of lawyers TIllis would be recommending for judges? Yecchh!

    As to universities, that is also the only place diversity really matters, diversity of thought. Students do not get it though. In the social sciences, they may be lucky to have one token conservative professor, who is often not that conservative. This is an area where Republicans should make a difference. Demand that they fill vacancies in teaching slots to balance the faculty ideologically.

  3. No wonder the Republican base is getting increasingly frustrated by the GOP Establishment–which actually despises its base and does everything it can to advance the liberal Democrat agenda. This is obviously a very liberal, pro-Democrat law firm that pushes the gay agenda. I wonder if the legislators were even aware of this when the appointment was made?

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