#NCGA: Even MORE UNC BOG – campaign finance *Goodness*

legislatureThom Tillis took a little heat a while back for pushing through an appointment of a Democrat to the UNC Board of Governors.  Tillis defended the appointment by talking about how much money the Democrat had helped him raise.

Well, we’ve got another situation that smells quite similar.  The media is cooing about how great it is that the daughter of former UNC system president C.D. Spangler, Jr. has been appointed to the UNC Board of Governors by the General Assembly (where Tillis happens to be one of the top two officials).

The appointee — Anna Spangler Nelson — is registered as Unaffiliated.  Her father, former UNC president C.D. Spangler, Jr.., is a well-known prominent Democrat.  According to Tillis for Senate campaign finance reports, the elder Spangler and his wife donated a total of $10,400 to the Tillis campaign on 12/27/13.  The appointee, Ms. Nelson, donated $2,600 to the Tillis campaign on 3/16/14 and another $2,600 to the Tillis campaign on 6/24/14.

Nelson will replace Fred Eshelman of Wilmington, a successful businessman and prolific political fundraiser, who resigned from the board about a month ago. 


3 thoughts on “#NCGA: Even MORE UNC BOG – campaign finance *Goodness*

  1. No wonder Tillis did not make the smart political move and resign as Speaker when he filed for US Senate (like former Oklahoma State House Speaker T. W. Shannon did this year when he filed for US Senate). Tillis can still use pay for play to raise campaign dollars.

  2. Tillis is so blatantly an example of bad government – why anyone would want to support him having even “more” power is beyond me.

    They should just go ahead and get rid of the pretense for these “appointments”…just allow these guys to put these seats up for bid on E-Bay, or better yet, hold a live auction at the State Fair. 🙂

  3. So the good people of the North state will get to vote in the DEMOCRAT PRIMARY in November. Yes, you heard me correctly. A primary between Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan. Just follow the money!!

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