Ellmers spox: ‘Feds NOT in biz of saying what IS and IS NOT RAPE.’

mouthRenee Ellmers’s taxpayer funded political hacks are still trying to spin her out of her self-made mess on that later-term abortion bill.  And National Review has the audio.     I’ve been following politics for a long time.  I’ve heard my share of dumb statements and absolute bullshit. But this stuff really ranks right up there with some of the, um, “best.”

As you all know, Big Gov’t. Barbie has been taking quite a beating for her betrayal of conservatives on key issues like — oh — amnesty and late-term abortion. What’s really enraged folks at the grassroots level is that Ellmers voted for the same frickin’ chrissylate-term abortion bill in 2013 she railed against this January.

National Review has audio of a female caller contacting Ellmers’s Washington office about the abortion flip-flop.  You can hear the female caller absolutely confusing and flustering the male who answers Renee’s phone.  He passes NR’s caller on to someone named “Chrissy.” (In all likelihood- judging from the audio — Jack and Janet’s long-lost roommate from ABC’s classic show Three’s Company.)  THAT is when the bovine manure really starts flying.  

Here is an e123456xecutive summary of Chrissy’s main, um. “points’:

1.  Renee was outraged because congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona) tricked the House leadership, the GOP caucus, and the whole Rules Committee — all by himself — into bringing this bill to the floor. If this crowd can be “fooled” so completely by one guy from Arizona, this country is in more trouble than we thought.

2.  Yes, Renee did vote for the same doggone bill in 2013 that she is now bemoaning.  We covered this one before.  You’d have to me a moron to not be able to read the bill, and the associated rules, and understand the reporting requirements were part of the current legislation. 

3.  In opposing THIS late term abortion bill, which she proudly supported two years ago, Ellmers was standing up for conservative 1234principles.  Take it from “Chrissy”: 

”[…] What the federal government is not in the business of doing is defining what IS and IS NOT rape. That is not what conservatives want. They don’t want the federal government impeding on citizens.[…] ”

Yep.  She said it.  The problem with that?  The feds already have statutes on the books regarding rape.  Will the “honorable” congresswoman 12345be working to repeal those, as well? 

4. Renee has a problem with making women report rapes to law enforcement.  Well, how do she and her team expect ;laws against rape to be enforced? Chrissy claims the Franks’s bill (HR 36) actually could lead to more babies getting killed. She suggested that women could report they were raped, when they weren’t, so they could easily get a late-term abortion.  Oh, yes she did. Actually, if the Franks law gets passed, and Chrissy’s scenario occurs, the woman in question has perjury and false report charges on top of the baby blood on her hands. 44444

The more Renee and her people talk, the sicker this whole thing gets.  I wish I could understand what was really going on here.  On one hand, you could dismiss this as a dingbat politician and her clueless staff not understanding what is written on the paper.  But all of the lies and distortions they keep tossing out invalidate that theory.  Maybe she’s got a fat lobbying career waiting for her down the road.  Whatever the case may be, she has committed fraud against her constituents and is doing damage to our country.  She needs to GO. 



14 thoughts on “Ellmers spox: ‘Feds NOT in biz of saying what IS and IS NOT RAPE.’

  1. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (reportedly her “Washington Renee” squeeze) and Boehner will throw money at her campaign to keep her in office. Her farmers will stick with her (they LOVE price supports, subsides and cheap, illegal labor) so don’t think she’ll be easy to beat.
    I gave her a few bucks in 2010 but was promptly districted out. I wonder if I can get my money back?

    1. Farmers are not that big a percentage of the population any more.

      Renee has put a bullseye on her back for the national conservative groups, and with the financial support of some of them for Ellmers primary opponent, she can be beat. All it takes it the right type of opponent.

      As to McCarthy, after the appearance of him for her campaign would just focus attention on the adultery narrative, and that includes financial appearance. The polls show that GOP voters want Boehner out as Speaker by a greater than 3 to 1 margin, so as an opponent, I would love to hang Boehner around Ellmers neck.

      Dave Brat showed that you do not have to match an establishment squish dollar for dollar or anywhere close to it to beat them. You only have to have a good message and enough money to get it to resonate with voters. That can be achieved against Ellmers.

  2. Nothing that Ellmers or her staff says is a surprise. After the pre-Christmas holiday fight in the House over the CRomnibus bill, and refusal of Boehner and GOP company to add amnesty defunding language, an Ellmers staff insisted that CRomnibus defunded the amnesty. He then proceeded to berate me and practically yelled at me over the phone for stating this was not true. Then, he hung up on me. It was only a few weeks later that the House took up the DHS appropriations bill and added amnesty defunding to it.

    NC2, THIS is our NC2 ‘representation.’

  3. The real question is how Ellmers will personally benefit from her vote. Look at lobbyist monies, campaign funds added to her account or personal/family account, monies brought into her district, position promised, etc. Look just a little deeper and you will find the truth.

  4. I appreciate the reporting of The Daily Haymaker so much and I agree Renee Elmers has to go.

    However I do not appreciate the nasty language that you engage in to get the message out. We the Conservatives, the ones with COMMON SENSE know this kind of language does nothing to validate us as intelligent responsible people. We have enough sense to learn how to express ourselves in the English language minus the B…S…. etc.

    I am not attacking anyone just the undesirable language that people use. It is not good for our cause or our young people. It makes us sound small not big, it makes us sound stupid not intelligent, it makes us sound like trash not the cream of the crop.

    1. Miss Julia, honey, quit your preaching.

      If you don’t want to curse, then don’t. But, this is Brant’s frickin’ website, and he can damned well curse, if he wants to.

      If this language upsets, you, sugar, then don’t come here. Go start your own curse-free website for the easily-offended.

      Cheers ~

      1. Yes Cheers, this is Brant’s website and I am glad he has the courage to speak out against what he believes is wrong and praise what he believes is right. That is called freedom of speech.

        Apparently you do not believe in free speech because you want to shut my opinion down.

        I am not easily offended, but my opinion is that using proper language gets one a lot farther than gutter talk.

        I am not your honey or sugar, please refer to me as Julia.

        1. Ms. Julia, you sure sound like one sphincter-puckered piece of work. Hope you can find somebody to remove that big ole’ burr from under your saddle.

          I stand by my sum’bitchin’ statement.

  5. Big Govt. Barbie’s playhouse is collapsing.

    (Hey, Renee, did you try, clapping your hands in the faces of those “childish and abhorrent” pro-lifers, yet? It seems to work on Kevin.)

  6. Where have I heard all this before.

    Seems to me this last time round Renee was going to have a credible primary challenger who would send her back home. And yet there she is up there in Congress.

    Maybe this time an “electable” primary candidate will emerge. Remember the “electable” part. That is really important.

    1. I don’t remember anyone here saying that Roche was a top drawer challenger. It was just that he was preferable to Renee Ellmers to those who follow politics. With the money he had, Roche was never going to get the message out to the average Joe Sixpack voter. With a little more money to get a message out, Ellmers will be road kill even for a third rate candidate like Roche. She will be a speed bump for a solid candidate like Duncan.

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