#ncga: NC’s coastal policy being pushed further left by drive-bys, their state gov’t allies

goredevildownload (31)We’ve provided extensive coverage of the political drama around the state Sea Level Rise (SLR) panel and its revision — mandated by the GOP majority in the legislature — of the projected sea level rise on the North Carolina coast.  Why is this revision so important?  It provides the basis for property insurance rates AND planning and zoning policies for our coastal counties.  

The Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) is directed by a McCrory administration appointee who appears to be very impressed with the Gospel of Al Gore when it comes to environmental policy. The SLR’s first report had some findings that were so filled with left-wing bias that the legislature asked them to, um, “re-think” it.  Some vacancies popped up on the SLR panel, but the McCrory appointees refused to add some global warming skeptics to the panel.

Well — surprise, surprise — the SLR panel has released another report with findings very similar to the first one that got kicked back to them.  And — surprise, laughsurprise — the folks at McClatchy have produced some reporting based on a Union of Concerned Scientists “study” showing a whole lot of coastal flooding in the cards for North Carolina.  (For those of you old enough to remember the Cold War, the UCS regularly toed the Soviet line in criticizing America for all of those bad bad bad nuclear weapons.) 

goreIt’s “interesting” that the drive-bys are not bothering to fill in their readers / viewers about this document showing the calculation errors in the SLR panel’s report.  OR, for that matter, this article by an esteemed Swedish environmental researcher showing how the UN data relied on for the SLR report is highly unreliable.

If the radical environmental left is allowed to push this through, they will have the ammo they need to wreak true havoc on property rights in our state’s coastal counties.  SOMEBODY needs to shake some sense into our Republican governor and the rest of the “conservative revolution” in Raleigh. Before it’s TOO LATE. 

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  1. I have had a boat in the water since 1960 and my eyes can not detect any measureable SLR. John Droz has been all over this like a duck on a June bug. The “greenies” are determined to one day to rid the coast of its human inhabitants. The NC GA should declare the second findings null and void BECAUSE the lefty Ch of the committee refused to fill the seats and no one of significance responded to the alarm John Droz was sounding.

  2. It is really telling that our leftwing media is demonstrating their political bias by using a ”report” from a Marxist front group of scientists and not even revealing that group’s extremist history. It is worse, however, when a Republican governor appoints an environmental extremist disciple of Al Gore to head a key commission like the CRC, ignoring the fact that Frank Gorham (or should it be Gore-ham) organized and was an officer of a radical environmentalist group in his former state of New Mexico before moving to North Carolina.

    Frank Gorham has abused his position by stacking the Sea Level Rise with political advocates of the Global Warming movement, leaving positions open to avoid the possibility of balancing that panel. Gorham is a disgrace to the state of North Carolina and a disgrace to the McCrory administration. Gore-ham is engaged in a War on eastern North Carolina and Governor McCrory is facilitating that war as long as he leaves Gorham in that position.

    These Chicken Little fairy tales of the Global Warmists have been shown again and again to be simply wrong, including specifically their lunatic rantings about ”Sea Level Rise”. Here is one example from a major German news magazine (in English translation) of one UN climate scare story that never panned out:


    An even better example is to look at the low lying Pacific islands that the Global Warmists and their UN support group, the IPCC, have used for years as the poster boys for ”sea level rise” claiming that they would disappear under the waves in the near future. It turns out that when some real scientists actually got around to looking at actual evidence, these islands have not been shrinking but most of them have actually been growing, contrary to the Sea Level Rise theory of Global Warming. Here is an account from a major British newspaper:


    Frank Gorham and this panel are charlatans. The members of this panel could better be described as Climate Scientologists than scientists. They are following the political ideology of what some are now calling Global Warmism, which the immediate past president of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, has described as ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”.

    Governor McCrory needs to put a stop to this madness by dismissing Frank Gore-ham. If not, the legislature should replace the CRC with a new commission, and split appointments with one third each being appointed by the Governor, the House, and the Senate. We need to keep leftwing hacks like Gore-ham from getting control of such bodies. If the Governor allows Gorham to continue his War on Eastern NC, then it will hurt the governor’s reelection prospects among regular voters in eastern NC. No Republican is ever going to get the environmental extremist vote unless they are a far left undocumented Democrat.

  3. Look no further than the U.N. This is all laid out in their document United Nations: Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. There is an unwritten rule that the first 100 miles of the United States is a Constitutional Free Zone which means that 200 million Americans do not have Constitutional Representation. This is all about removing US sovereignty and putting the UN in charge but we would still have elected puppets. More Americans need to wake up and realize that evil abounds with NATO and the UN. The Earth’s weather has always been cyclical so of course since they have skeptics of Global Warming they have changed the name to Global Change. I have read many studies that humans have minimal impact on the Earth’s changes and some of the environmental disasters have been on purpose to further their agenda.

      1. The UN makes up environmental disasters to further their agenda. British newspapers backed the IPCC down on a number of them, which they exposed as phony in an IPCC report several years ago. American newspapers just take that crap at face value.

        Anotehr example is in one of the links I posted above, the UN’s claim that there would be 50 million environmental refugees by 2010, and there turned out to be zero. In fact, population increased in the areas they claimed these refugees would come from.

        The UN is about as truthful and honest as the Obama administration. They are Grubering us.

    1. There is no ‘evidence’ more revealing about how much stock the global warming propagandists actually place in their own propaganda than their extravagant, carbon-laden lifestyles.

      Austerity and cave-dwelling for you, but not for me!

      Exhibit A: Al Gore. Exhibit B: Davos attendees and UN globe-trotters.

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