Ellmers says NO to deporting illegals who molest kids, beat their spouses

mouthI know, it’s baffling.  Just when I think she can’t get any more outrageous, she comes through.  Renee Ellmers, the 2nd district representative to the US House, was the only Republican  to join 148 Democrats in opposing an amendment to boot those reprobates from our shores.  The Blaze has all of the sordid details: 

Dozens of House Democrats on Wednesday voted against a legislative proposal aimed at ensuring that illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse are a priority for deportation.

The vote suggests that immigration-related issues trump other traditional Democratic priorities, such as efforts to protect people from sex or violence-related crimes, especially against women.

[…] Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) proposed the language as an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security spending bill. He argued it was needed because Obama’s executive action on immigration created different priorities for deportation that need to be adjusted.

For example, illegal immigrants suspected of terrorism or espionage or other felonies are top priorities for deportation. But illegal immigrants who are convicted of three or more misdemeanors, or one “significant” misdemeanor such as sexual abuse or domestic violence, are on a second tier priority for deportation.

On Wednesday, House Republicans put forward the DeSantis amendment to prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse or child abuse. But they were met by significant Democratic opposition, including from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is widely seen as a champion of women’s issues.illegalaliensdontunderstandlaw

Pelosi explained that she opposed the amendment because it was opposed by the National Catholic Conference of Bishops. That group said generally that it opposed all efforts to stop the Obama administration from implementing its immigration plan, and that it could somehow create obstacles to the reporting of domestic violence among immigrants.

“While presented as a measure that helps domestic violence victims, we fear that it actually would discourage many such victims from reporting abuse,” the group wrote, in a letter Pelosi read on the House floor.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) also explained that in many domestic violence cases involving illegal immigrants, police arrest both the abuser and the victim, and both can end up pleading to a misdemeanor just to speed up the process. “This happens all the time, all around the country,” she argued.

As a result, she said the GOP language could end up hurting victims as well as abusers.

Those arguments were met with disbelief from Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who sponsored the amendment. DeSantis said he was “perplexed” why anyone would vote against the amendment.

“Why would we have any tolerance for child molesters?” Desalts said. “If you’re not in our country legally, and you get convicted of an offense like that, you should be gone. We shouldn’t even be discussing this.”duncangop

“I think the people who are going to vote ‘no’ on this are basically saying, ‘we don’t want a zero-tolerance policy against child molesters and sexual offenders,’ ” he added.

In the end, the House approved the DeSantis amendment 278-149 vote. Thirty-five Democrats voted with Republicans on this measure, and one Republican voted against it.


Again, that ONE Republican was our girl Renee.  Maybe she got caught not paying attention — flipping through US magazine, texting her girlfriends, fixating on something shiny, or something.  Even if that was the case, this demonstrates how she has overstayed her welcome and needs to go.  PAGING JIM DUNCAN.  (I bet he’s paying attention … )

12 thoughts on “Ellmers says NO to deporting illegals who molest kids, beat their spouses

  1. NO! This was NOT a mistake by Ellmers as she also was 1 of 2 Rs voting against the Salmon amendment which expressed concern about how illegals undermine employment and wages for American workers. And she voted against the Aderholt and Blackburn amendments.

    Astonishingly, Ellmers has no concern over illegal immigration or its impact on American wages, jobs availability, crime.

    Is she intent on political suicide?

  2. I thought she had already committed political suicide but the citizens of District 2 did not pay attention to what her agenda is whatever that might be. I am not a dem but Clay Aiken would have been a better choice.

    1. Frances: Lots of Conservatives agree with you. At least Aiken did not display an open and abiding contempt for the people of NC-2.

  3. More on Ellmers utter lack of concern for the impact of illegal aliens and amnesty on jobs for her NC2 constituents.

    “However I simply cannot support legislation that is overly broad in scope, as it has the potential to have a real, negative and lasting impact on jobs and families in North Carolina.”


  4. She also voted against the amendment to defund the first DACA executive order. Ellmers lives in a Pre-September 11th world, she is fully aligned with the Chamber. The 26 who voted against the Blackburn Amendment

    Reps. Mark Amodei (Nev.)
    Mike Coffman (Colo.)
    Ryan Costello (Pa.)
    Carlos Curbelo (Fla.)
    Jeff Denham (Calif.)
    Charlie Dent (Pa.)
    Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.)
    Bob Dold (Ill.)
    Renee Ellmers (N.C.)
    Chris Gibson (N.Y.)
    Richard Hanna (N.Y.)
    Cresent Hardy (Nev.)
    Joe Heck (Nev.)
    John Katko (N.Y.)
    Peter King (N.Y.)
    Adam Kinzinger (Ill.)
    Frank LoBiondo (N.J.)
    Tom MacArthur (N.J.)
    Martha McSally (Ariz.)
    Patrick Meehan (Pa.)
    Devin Nunes (Calif.)
    Dave Reichert (Wash.)
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
    Chris Smith (N.J.)
    Fred Upton (Mich.)
    David Valadao (Calif.)

  5. Ellmers spends so much money telling people she is against amnesty, and says she is against Obama’s executive amnesty that the average conservative voter in her district will vote for her again and again. People don’t pay attention to voting record as long as she sends out enough mailers telling people she is against amnesty

  6. Renee Ellmers is a fraud and always has been. We need a candidate who can raise enough money to expose her utterly miserable voting record, so she cannot get away with lying to the voters about it as she did in the last campaign. I think Jim Duncan can do that.

    Renee Ellmers is betraying the Republican platform and the Republican voters in order to kowtow to the special interests.

    1. No more candidates named “Roche.” Nothing against the man, but the surname kills him! A solid conservative,who can raise enough money, can take her out. She is not the “sharpest knife in the drawer.” She really needs to go back to Dunn. Putting on her first pair of shoes seems to have gone straight to her head. )

    2. She is fully committed to (bought by) America’s new Beltway GOP-sponsored slave master: The US Chamber of Commerce. Plenty of RINOs here in the Sandhills who applaud that whole notion.

  7. “Pelosi explained that she opposed the amendment because it was opposed by the National Catholic Conference of Bishops.”

    Er….the NCCB also opposes abortion Nance.

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