Lefties keep beating anti-police drum ON OUR DIME

Demonstrators stand in the middle of West Florissant as they react to tear gas fired by police during ongoing protests in reaction to the shooting of Brown, in FergusonYou would think — in the wake of the murders of those NYPD officers and the attempted murder of that Durham cop — leftists would tone down their anti-police rhetoric. But, no.  The alleged sensitive crowd is showing little to no sensitivity to the situation.  Case in point, a seminar being hosted and promoted by that state-supported school in Chapel Hill:

To: The civilrightsnewsletter mailing list.
Subject: [civilrightsnewsletter] Program Invitation: Police Violence in the Wake of Ferguson and Staten Island

We are writing to invite you to attend a full-day special program at UNC Law School, “Police Violence in the Wake of Ferguson and Staten Island,” that is co-sponsored by UNC Law Clinical Programs and the UNC Center for Civil Rights.

It is set for the last day of the week following MLK Day:

Friday, 1/23/15, from 9 am to 3 pm, with panels focusing on police violence and the legal system, the history and context of police brutality, and activism in the face of police violence.

Our luncheon keynote speaker will be the wonderful Ms. Sherrilyn Ifill, the President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund:http://www.law.unc.edu/news/2015/01/13/ldf-president-sherilynn-ifill-at-unc-jan-23/Ferguson-Protesters-Communist-Revolution-Posted-to-Twitter-by-Breaking911

For those of you keeping score at home, “the wonderful Ms.Sherrilyn Ifill” is the cousin of Gwen Ifill — formerly of The New York Times, NBC News and currently the host of PBS’s Washington Week. MORE: 

The program is free but registration is required (there will be complimentary boxed lunches). 

For a detailed schedule and to register:  http://www.law.unc.edu/calendar/event.aspx?cid=122626

I hope they extended an invitation to the widows and children of those two NY cops murdered by a maniac influenced by all of this race-baiting anti-police rhetoric.  I hope they invite that Durham cop who got ambushed –and nearly murdered — while merely sitting in his patrol car filling out paper work.  *So THEY can hear about how mean and heartless the police in this country are.*