Don’t be afraid. He’s only lookin’ out fo’ yo’ chil’ren …

etheridgeThe legacy media is up in arms because Gov. Pat was apparently too busy to receive some petitions from a group of school children. When you find out that the children were planted there by Bobby “Boom Boom” Etheridge and Progress NC (led by former WTVD reporter Gerrick Brenner), Gov. Pat’s decision to  pass on taking that meeting makes perfect sense.  After all, THIS VIDEO makes it clear that “Boom Boom” is a security risk.  

(It’s amazing that this guy has been rehabbed as a credible spokesman for the chil’ren and their education.  If a Republican had been caught on tape doing what he did on that sidewalk, he or she would STILL be a pariah / laughingstock.) 

Gov. Pat’s spokes-babe made it clear that her boss had a meeting.  But the lefties’ blood got to boiling when they noticed Gov. Pat tossing a baseball around outside.  Did Pat lie?  Of course not.  He had a meeting with some guys who happened to be wearing ball gloves. 

If the legacy media was really fair and impartial, and followed leaders in both parties around like this, they might have caught Jim Black taking that cash in the restaurant bathroom BEFORE the feds did.

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  1. When Bobby Ray came home from Washington I think Dumplin put him on the state payroll as the “Stimulus Czar.” That was back there when Bev directed about $65,000,000 of the “stimulus money” to put in the ‘road to nowhere’ down there at the Global Transpark. Yeah, it is still down there and sucking up money like Randy on a trip to Vegas. When finished the road expects to attract more than 8 cars per day, 3 to the GTP and 5 dropping kids off at the daycare. I think then Dumplin appointed Bobby Ray as the “Hurricane Czar” to help administer or minister money to hurricane victims. I am not sure what type “Czar” he is now but he got his picture in the Greenville, NC, paper when he barnstormed through here on some “Czarist” type cause. Several of his supporters showed up as evidenced by the shot they took of themselves in the photo booth at the mall. But you got to love Bobby Ray. Hopefully Pat can keep his baseball mitt out to catch all that will be thrown at him by McClatchy & friends.

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