Lefties throw tantrum. Legacy Media grovels (and gets ziptied). Truth is a casualty. Welcome to ‘Moral Monday.’




Whodini was partially right.   The freaks come out in the daytime, too.  (On workdays, even.)  The “Moral Monday” nonsense is still raging at the legislative building in Raleigh.  It’s even spawned a sequel: “Witness Wednesday.”

The legacy media is downplaying — even ignoring —  the evidence that outside lefty agitators are orchestrating the spectacle on Jones Street.  They’re even going as far as reviewing the residency of arrested lefties to try and disprove that notion.  Protest organizers are having people volunteer to be arrested.  Conveniently, the volunteers are mostly elderly, conservative looking people who will look good and credible on television.  Still, SOME New Yorkers have been getting ziptied and hauled off by the Capitol Police.  

Now comes word that “some folks”  are putting together a documentary on North Carolina politics focusing significantly on this “Moral Monday” stuff:

Story of America is a web series and feature documentary that explores the polarization that exists in the America today along political, economic and cultural lines. The filmmakers use the transformative power of dialogue to reach Americans from across the nation and across the divide to address their fears and bring us closer as a nation.

In today’s America, 50 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. marched on Washington and 150 years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, America faces profound divisions along political, economic and cultural lines that threaten to destabilize our nation and our democracy.

Opinions have polarized to the point that people along both sides of the divide view the opposition with a great deal of fear and paranoia, leading to alienation and a dehumanizing view of those who don’t share our beliefs.

The state of our polarization is so great that some historians have pointed to parallels with the conditions before, during and after the Civil War. Some scholars argue that the current state of ideological polarization among the electorate is to blame for US’s economic decline and governmental dysfunction. Economists argue that income inequality will lead to disruptive civil unrest and possibly another financial crisis.

Wow. I have a *sneaking suspicion* that this will not be favorable to the NCGOP.  Let’s look at the bios of some of the folks who are producing this work of art.  One co-producer served as press secretary to Vice-President Al Gore’s wife Tipper during the eight years of the Clinton administration.   The director / co-producer is a proud member of The Coffee Party — which proudly bills itself as an “alternative to the Tea Party.”

Watch their video of McClatchy-Charlotte reporter Tim Funk getting ziptied and hauled off by the police.  If you watch the video, you hear the police chief tell everyone they have FIVE MINUTES to disperse or be arrested.  Funk appears to ignore the announcement and keep talking to the protesters.  You can hear Funk exclaim ‘I didn’t think you meant me” as he’s being ziptied.  Yep, Tim.  Even YOU have to do what the cops tell you.