Did Richard Burr confess to a crime?

burrAlbeit a minor infraction.  But, still: 

If you have U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s drivers license, he may not need it anymore.

In a Saturday speech to Rowan Republicans, Burr told a brief story of losing his driver’s license when going to vote recently. He speculated the driver’s license might be in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, located in Arlington, Virginia.

I can just imagine some underage college kid using it to get served in a Georgetown bar.  *Here you go, senator.  A Shock Top in a dirty glass.*  MORE: 

“I said ‘my passports are in Washington and I don’t have a military ID, but I’ve got this little ID,’” Burr said, recalling his voting experience. “Clearly, I’ve lost my driver’s license, it’s probably sitting in the Reagan Airport. I probably lost it last night. I said ‘can I fill some type of provisional ballot out until I figure out what’s going on?’”

The News and Observer of Raleigh reported that Burr, a U.S. Senator since 2005, filled out a reasonable impediment form and Burr has also obtained a new driver’s license. According to the N.C. Board of Elections, reasonable impediments include: lack of proper documents, family obligations, transportation problems, work schedule, illness or disability. Voters can also list “other” and describe the impediment.

Voters in North Carolina are required to show photo identification for the first time this year. The state’s voter ID law takes effect for the first time during North Carolina’s March 2016 primaries.collegehumor.68462555cd7f7f7dee73582a1a026890

Burr said it’s important that poll workers acted correctly when he couldn’t provide proper identification.

“It was me and they made me prove it was me,” Burr said. “That’s a good thing. Now, let’s make sure it’s not in vain. Help me get elected next Tuesday.”


Now, as far as I understand, it is a crime — a misdemeanor, perhaps — to operate a car while not in possession of a valid license.  Did Tricky Dick drive himself to the polling place while not in possession of a valid driver license?  (Inquring minds WANT TO KNOW.) 


11 thoughts on “Did Richard Burr confess to a crime?

    1. Some group called Grow North Carolina Strong, probably another Karl Rove front like Carolina Rising, is running ads that make me want to puke as they refer to ”conservative Richard Burr”. The main issue they want to talk about, although they do not exactly present it this way, is to praise Burr for pushing for more federal government spying on American citizens. That is a Gestapo policy, NOT a conservative policy, little Richard! It is yet another reason why conservatives need to throw you out of office!

    1. Wrong, Esmerelda. I live in Winston-Salem and Richard returns home every weekend and is home whenever Congress is not in session. Get your facts straight.

      1. Douglas B are you voting for the socialist Dick Burr? He is a joke. Not a conservative bone in his body. What are you most proud of? Race baiting in Mississippi? Raising the debt limit 9 times? Defunding Obama Care is the dumbest idea Dick Burr has ever heard of? Spying on Americans? Billions for daycare center block grants? Oh maybe it’s the 19 trillion in debt Dick voted for? You need to get your facts straight. I challenge you to tell me one conservative accomplishment Dick has done?

        1. I voted Brannon to make sure Richard Burr is home everyday. I want a “A” rated republican representing NC and not a “F” rated like the current two NC has

        2. So about 80 percent of NC Republicans vote for either the most conservative candidate for Prez (Cruz) or the angriest (Trump), yet these same people turn around and give Richard Burr an overwhelming 36-point victory.

          And the center-right Senator Burr instantly becomes the big favorite over his liberal Democrat opponent. Sounds like a nice outcome to me (and the vast majority of voters in NC). Democracy wins again.

          1. You haven’t kept up with Burr’s voting record. Last election, he was indeed center-right, but in the last few years, his voting has become center-left. His rating from the Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action rating has been in the 30’s and 40’s, and at Conservative Review his rating has been even worse than that.

            Burr votes on key issues more like Bernie Sanders than like Ted Cruz.

  1. This will bring him down and throw the election to the pizza delivery guy for sure. You can bet your sweet behind that the pizza guy has a valid drivers license with him at all times!

    Your sins will find you out and Senator Burr must face justice!

  2. I have waited patiently to not vote for Richard Burr.Check his voting record. I will vote for his competition which will be a conservative. Richard has failed N.C.and the Homeland (USA). I VOTED FOR PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT INCUMBENTS. IF WE DON’T GET NEW LEADERSHIP WHO LOVES AMERICA WE WILL LOOSE OUR NATION. IT WILL BECOME A ISLAMIST RADICAL MUSLIM NATION. THEY MULTIPLY LIKE MUSHROOMS.

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