Cloture, Smoture: We’ve Been ObamaCared.

Never mind silly things like reports showing North Carolinians being hit hardest by ObamaCare.  Richard Burr and Kay Hagan care more about keeping their party caucus leaders happy.  They and their staffs are getting their 75 percent subsidies.  Their high-dollar campaign contributors are getting their exemptions for their businesses.  The rest of us are are just plain getting screwed.

North Carolina’s two US senators gleefully joined Dingy Harry Reid in a 79-19 vote to achieve cloture.   (It required 60 votes to keep debate going.  Twenty-six Republicans, including Burr, joined with Hagan and the Democrats to shove a knife in the backs of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and — basically — the American people and the US economy. )

This SHOULD put an end to Senator Sock Puppet.  She’s been back-pedaling from ObamaCare in recent months, but this reminds voters that she is one of the owners / cheerleaders of this horrid law.

Burr’s move should do some damage to the ambitions of House speaker Thom Tillis.  Burr and his paid mouthpiece Paul Shumaker have been toting Tillis to all of the lobbyist offices in DC — helping him troll for campaign cash.

During the defund fight, Tillis paid SOME vague lip-service to the Cruz effort.  But voters need to remember that he poo-pooed efforts in the state House to block acceptance of federal funds to set up ObamaCare insurance exchanges.  He’s also been telling Rotary Clubs, Chambers and other private gatherings across the state that the question was not IF ObamaCare would be implemented, but HOW.  If Tillis wants to parade around with Richard Burr, we should be sure to hang Burr and his support of ObamaCare around Mr. Cornelius’s neck.  

The cloture vote had a bright spot for South Carolinians.  Senator Tim Scott stuck with Paul, Cruz, and Lee.  Lindsey Graham, however, sided with his fellow member of the Carolinas chapter of The John McCain Fan Club — Burr — and voted FOR CLOTURE. 

The Senate voted 54-44 after cloture was achieved to return ObamaCare funding to the continuing resolution.  Graham and Burr will try to claim they “fought” ObamaCare tooth and nail by voting NO on this measure.

Burr gave rhetorical support to Obama with his “dumbest idea” comments.  He and Graham ensured the funding would be restored when they voted FOR cloture.  So, don’t buy their snake oil.

In 2014, we have a chance to rid ourselves of two of these three low-lifes (Hagan and Graham).  Burr’s turn comes in two years.  But let’s give him two years of pure hell for his part in this treachery.