Cloture Time: In case you were wondering, the correct vote is NO.



Ok, people.  We’ve got a huge milestone in the fight against ObamaCare today.  Dingy Harry is calling a vote on cloture — ending debate on the continuing resolution and moving forward on a vote.  It takes 60 votes to cut off debate and proceed.  There are 46 Republicans currently in the US Senate.  We need at least 41 of those 46 to vote NO on cloture to keep the defunding fight alive.

If cloture passes, debate moves forward on the continuing resolution.  Dingy Harry can reinstate ObamaCare funding, and he will only need 51 votes to get that done.  So, cloture is the firewall for defunding supporters. If cloture succeeds,  the defunding effort is DONE.  There is NO WAY the Democrats don’t get 51 votes to restore ObamaCare funding.

Sources close to senator Mike Lee (R-UT) say there are 30 NO votes on cloture confirmed as of this morning.

The Tar Heel State’s senators have not exactly been friends to the taxpayers in this fight — despite the fact that ObamaCare will hit our state the hardest  Kay Hagan has been a big cheerleader for ObamaCare from the beginning — even suggesting that we’ll actually like it the more we get to know it.
Of course, we are all well familiar with Richard Burr’s “dumbest idea” comments(Those comments — and his overall lack of helpfulness in the defund fight — caused him to be subjected to a resolution of rebuke by the Craven County GOP last night.)

Don’t get fooled by word games.  Don’t let Burr get away with voting YES on cloture, then NO on Dingy Harry’s funding restoration amendment.  A YES VOTE ON CLOTURE IS A YES VOTE FOR OBAMACARE.

Don’t let up on the pressure.  This is TOO important.  Burr (202)224-3154.  Hagan (202) 224-6342.