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#ncga: They’re BAAAAAAAACK!

      While we’re sheltering-in-place, the honorables have once again darkened the halls of that big building one Jones Street in Raleigh. The Congress passed a huge-honking spending bill. So, the honorables in Raleigh felt like they had to get in on the act….

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North Carolina gets 1st installment of coronavirus $$$ from DC

  The state treasurer’s office has confirmed that North Carolina has received $2 billion as part of the federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act.   The state is slated to receive a total of  more than $4 billion from the recently-passed congressional…

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ReOpen NC gains a powerful new ally

        Raleigh-based CaptiveAire CEO Bob Luddy is not mincing words in his open letter to Governor Roy Cooper: An urgent appeal to North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper:   For every COVID-19 case in North Carolina (4,500 estimated), 125 people have lost their…

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Raleigh lefties encourage coup at Treasurer’s office

    Isn’t it interesting how the peace, love, and “freedom” crowd is always the first to advocate for the unilateral snatching of rights and making of changes — without a single vote being cast?  (Or the whole story being told?)     Well,  Rob…

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Making election-stealing EASIER

      The public schools crowd is doing their thing to take advantage of the current crisis,  and so — it appears — are the Raleigh politicians and elections officials.  Here are some highlights from  a memo about the upcoming 2020 general election from…

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School boards, superintendents and “emergency powers”: A BAD idea on sooooooooo many levels

    Statists often brag about not letting a “good” crisis go to waste.   Here are some folks in Raleigh trying to take advantage of the current one:   Attached please find a sample resolution prepared by our legal department for your consideration.The resolution…

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While Tillis panders on “price-gouging,” Locke’s Sanders makes A LOT of sense

    Everybody who has taken an economics class knows that when the supply of something is low, and demand is up,  the price generally goes UP.   But statists (and many a pandering politician) want to pile on the red tape and make the…

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Outside help coming to protect NC elections, DO Josh Stein’s job FOR HIM

  You might remember J. Christian Adams.   He is the former US Department of Justice attorney who raised a fuss about the Black Panther voter intimidation efforts in the 2008 presidential election.  He got shut up and shut down by the newly-minted Obama Administration…

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Meet the “new” guy at Civitas

    Confirming what I’ve been hearing for months now,  the little cartoon character who entertained us for years at NCGOP HQ has made a career move.     Yeah.  That’s one of those cute little reminders that LinkedIn sends out.  I had to go…

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#ncga: WHAT in tarnation did Kelly Hastings do to his desk?

  While so many of us Jones Street watchers are preoccupied with the big health story,  I believe there is one hell of a story (with an even better BACK-STORY) that we’re missing.  State Rep.  Kelly Hastings — notorious for shady listings on his campaign…