WHY is the NC School Board Association seeking to decrease transparency on school employee misconduct?

The Raleigh-based North Carolina School Board Association has an amazing amount of influence over our local public school systems.  I’ve watched our local school board’s meetings.  It seems like every month a list of “policy revision recommendations” from the unelected, unaccountable-to-the-voters NCSBA is reviewed by our local board and incorporated into our local school policies.  There’s rarely much (if any) debate.  The central office staff is usually quite enthusiastic about the NCSBA’s recommendations.   If it’s happening in our little corner of paradise, it’s likely happening in yours as well. 

In recent days, we received a policy revision recommendation from the NCSBA meant for the Transylvania County board of education.  Here are the relevant portions:

State Reps. Hugh Blackwell (R) and John Torbett (R) are among the state government figures wanting some clarification and explanation about this move.  Why divert this important information away from an organization that is accountable to the voters and the legislature toward one that is much more politically-oriented and only meets once a month? 

Michele Morrow, the GOP’s nominee for superintendent of state schools, says she believes the circle of folks informed about such matters needs to be bigger.  She favors sharing the information with the Department of Public Instruction, the state board of education, the K-12 education committees in the legislature, and the senators and representatives from each county-in-question, among others.

It might be a good idea to start giving “recommendations” from the SBA a wee bit more scrutiny. (I spy more than a few left-wing activists on their roster.)  If this got changed in Transylvania, it’s visited your school board — or will do so soon.