Juneteenth: Exactly WHAT are “we fight[ing] back” against?

Juneteenth has been sold to us as an American-as-apple-pie holiday commemorating the date the last black Americans learned slavery had been abolished in the United States.  Okay.

On Wednesday, the day the new federal holiday was celebrated, I saw more than a fair number of T-shirts out and about featuring slogans that – if you changed out the word ‘black’ for ‘white’ – you’d have ear-splitting screams of “racism” echoing across the land.

Here are some photos from a Moore County Juneteenth celebration published in our struggling local newspaper.

“Fight Back”?  Against WHAT?  If you wore a red MAGA hat and held a sign or wore a T-shirt mentioning the phrase “Fight Back”, you’d be in the DC Gulag faster than you could say Merrick Garland. 

You may notice the slogan “Black Voters Matter.”  That is a Georgia-based PAC funded by George Soros that helped the notorious Stacy Abrams in her runs for office there.  The group was also a huge help in replacing Georgia’s TWO Republican senators with two Marxists. *It’s got to warm your heart to see those folks poking around in bright-red Moore County, North Carolina. *

“Peace & Love” ? Those two words are upstaged by the image of a crowd of people with raised fists.  To me, that doesn’t communicate peace and / or love.  It brings to mind an angry protest or perhaps even a riot.  

And let’s not forget the T-shirts ID’ing Juneteenth as “My Independence Day.”  Really? July 4th — our only Independence Day — celebrates our official founding as a country.  It’s where we celebrate having something that no one else in the world has.  It’s where we celebrate living in a country so great that so many people around the world risk their health and lives trying to get here and be a part of it.  Are the wearers not into celebrating the birth of America?

Our DEI-infested schools don’t bother to teach actual history anymore.  There were freed blacks living in America prior to the Revolution.  The first American casualty in the Revolution was a freed black man. There were even black slaveowners.

Oh, and guess what?  There were even poor white folks out there working for free.  They were called indentured servants.

Oh, the pan-African imagery is extra charming.  There is not one single spot on the current African continent that is even halfway desirable for relocation from America. Good luck trying to find a scenario there that’s better than what you have here.

But the truth doesn’t matter to the white far-left agitators trying to push black people’s buttons.  The objective is to keep those folks angry at the white man and ready to vote for whom they are told – no questions asked — at a moment’s notice.